Monday, October 15, 2012

The Master Bedroom Almost Done

Hi everyone.We have been so busy with the work on the Master bedroom.I haven't done much more than that.We have made major progress on the project.
The above picture is what the floors looked like under the carpet awful
Me sanding the floor.This sander is some kind of heavy and LOUD.I have never done this before.But I will say this was not hard at all.
The above picture is the after.I love it.
This is a picture of the walls before in our bedroom
This is a picture of the progress of the walls being painted.
A big difference we love how it turned out.
This is a picture with the curtains up.And the dresser I got at a thrift store all it needed was a coat of poly.The following pictures of the room .
My husband is making the closet doors.The room still needs decorations on the walls and the closet doors hung.But we are pretty much done.I am happy with the turn out.
Until next time.Judy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good News on the Window made some progress

Hey everyone.I hope life has been good for you.It has been for me.
Well hubby was able to break free the window that would not move.I am telling ya we did everything we knew to try to even get this window to move.And nothing so we took a couple days and worked on the wood work.When we did go back to it this morning hubby took out a board that was behind it not a easy task.After he was able to hit it a couple times and the window moved down.I am so glad in much need of a new prime and paint Job and new glaze.
We will be working on windows and closet tomorrow.and after that we prime and paint.
       I cant wait.
Until next time I hope the Lord bless and keeps you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Friday to Ya and some Progress on Bedroom

Hey everyone I hope it has been good for you.Life has been busy around here.
Still working on our bedroom.Let's see got the skim coat on all the walls and ceiling.Got all walls and ceiling sanded.And now working on scraping all the wood work.We would have liked to have taken our wood work back down to the natural state but we were not able to do so, it seemed as hard as we tried to get every single little spec of paint we were not able to get it all.I worked on one window for a week and it was still not what we were looking for.Still had specs of paint in grooves.
In our bedroom while we were taking it completely apart we thought it would be a good time to take the Windows out scrape all the old paint off scrape out all the old glaze.We would prime,paint,and re glaze both windows.
Well we have came across a window that will not come out.While we were at this we also were replacing the sash cords on our weights in our windows.All worked fine on the first window came out like a breeze.We were expecting trouble but it was so easy we though hey not a problem.We could do this to the entire house all 23 windows.YEAH right We move to the second window in our bedroom take out the necessary moulding bottom window part comes out no problem.We move to the top part and it will not budge.
Don't you love the towel curtain.
We have tried everything it will not move.The top part of the window has a metal track frame on three side we are not sure if somehow this has gotten twisted or damaged in someway.We are still plugging away trying to figure away to get this out.
Here are some pictures of the before and after pictures of the baseboard
This is a picture of before ugly green we are scraping down and sanding it ready for new primer and paint.
Saturday we should finish the wood work so that only means next week we prime and then paint.Can you believe it.Only if we get the window out.Wish us luck gonna need it.
It has been a trip, fun but a lot of work.
If anyone out there knows how to get a window out in a home built in 1923 PLEASE let me know.
Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Progress on Master Bedroom

I can say I have completed the first part of the skim on all the walls.(except for closet) I am happy we got this part done.Now I have to get one of my husband's lights and shine it on each wall looking for spots I have missed or thin spots fix them.Then I will do a light sanding and then we are looking at paint.YEAH
This seems like it has taken forever and I guess it has.But I am one step closer to a finished bedroom. I have to keep in my mind what our new bedroom will be.
Here are some pictures
Had to bag the light
The closet we are still working on it.

Hope everyone had a great day.To all the Moms and Dads with children who had first day of school.I hope it was WONDERFUL.
Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching up

I thought I would just check in and catch you up with what has been going on.I am still working on the Master bedroom.It just takes for ever.I have not worked on it every single day but most.We are almost at completion of the skim coat over all the horse hair plaster.Did I mention I truly dislike working over my head. In the mean time our youngest has had a birthday not just any birthday, but the big one, the big one you LOVE being the big one, he had his 21st Birthday
Happy Birthday son I love you.

After I do finish all the skim coat I will be posting some pictures.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Master and Thrift store finds

Good evening I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.Been busy working on our master bedroom.Slow and steady wins the race is the phase I keep telling myself.We have ripped down all of the wallpaper.It came off a lot easier than I thought.We have horse hair plaster and we have had to put a skim coats of sheet rock 45.It does wonders,the job of ripping out the plaster was too much.And our walls were in pretty good shape.I still have the ceiling to do the hardest for me I hate working over my head.We did find a cute primitive ceiling light for our bedroom.Cant wait to hang it.I will be posting some pictures.
In the process of our bedroom make over I have been looking for oak dressers and they do have a pretty price on them.I have been to auctions and they have been going for $250.00 and up.I have check out on line classifieds no luck ,I have even looked on eBay some very pretty ones but the prices are out of my range.
Today I went to our local thrift store not even thinking I would find a oak dresser there but I did I found two.I could not believe it.
The only thing this dresser needs is a fresh coat of poly on the top and new old handles.
This dresser needs new old handles and a fresh coat of stain and poly.
Neither dresser had a price on them we had to find someone that worked there and we finally did,they were so busy.I asked her the price and she said for the large one $30.00 and for the one with no handles how about $20.00.I took them both.
A little work but that's okay didn't break the bank.I was a happy girl.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Progress Pictures of the Master Bedroom

Been working on our master bedroom still in the destroying phase ripping down old wallpaper,scraping woodwork.Mudding seams just the most dirty jobs of a redo.I know you have to destroy to rebuild.
Sorry for the terrible picture this is of the North facing wall after we have taken down the  wood work down and the wall paper.
This is the East facing wall needs some mudding sanding and some sheet rock replaced.You know when I was younger it seamed I moved through this kind of work a lot faster.Now not so much.It maybe was when I was younger I had kids underfoot and I knew I had a short window to get the job done.Now hubby and I we know we don't have that pressure.We still would like the job done as soon as possible but we don't have the pressure.
Will be posting more as the job moves a long.
Until next time stay cool and I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hallmark Ornaments Haul from Thrift Store YAY

Today I took a break from the stripping of the wood in our bedroom.And hubby and I hit some thrift stores.We went to our local thrift store Halo not much at first but all the way in the back under a table was 2 boxes of ornaments, Hallmark ornament in box.I could not believe my eyes.
I bought 24 of them they were priced at $2.00 a piece this is a wonderful price for Hallmark ornament for me.
Some of the ones I got was Crayola Crayon got 1,2,3,4,5,7 yes missing 6.I do believes this series is still in productions with Hallmark.
Frosty Friends collector's series number 20.I have collected Frosty Friends for years even before I knew how hot they were on eBay.
Here comes Santa series 14,15,17 they are so cute Santa driving old trucks.I truly enjoy the magic ornaments I like it when they light up makes sound.One I got today was. Raiding the fridge so cute Santa when an opens the  fridge the light comes on.Hubby even hit it with, the All American trucks number 1, 1956 ford truck and also, Classic American cars.
And many more.When I was checking out the lady at the register said they will be putting out more.Oh be still my wallet.It was a fun day. Out at our Goodwill did not find anything.The prices are getting way out there for me.
I hope you all had a wonderful day.Until next time May the Lord keep and bless you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Have you ever had a splinter under your ?

Have you ever had a splinter under your finger nail?
 I do and it hurts, it hurts some kinda of awful.It just seems the under side of the finger nail is so, so tender.
I did this by scraping our wood work yes I was the first one to get hurt.
It is my middle finger and I have been favoring it so when people ask what happen... I have to be careful.When I try and show them what I did.
Things are moving along on our master bedroom.Not real progress but to be stripping the trim hubby says we are moving along in great time.
We have taken one window completely apart needs new glass, new glazing, new everything. I am stripping the wood and that has not been so bad.We are moving faster than I thought we would.Which is great.
From what I can see the trim only has 3 coats of paint which makes this process a little easier.We have been doing this for 2 days and things are going rather well.
I will be posting some pictures soon.
Hope you have a wonderful night,May the Good Lord Keep and Bless you

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long Time No Blogging

If we took a vote of whom is the worst blogger I know I would win.
Not a prize I would like to have
.I know it has been forever and a Sunday since I have posted anythings.
I have no excuses no reasons why.
I have been just lazy and enjoying doing nothing this summer.
This summer has been the first summer in 29 years that I didn't have to do anything just what I would like to do.
Go where I or hubby would like,Eat when we would like,our time was our own.
And it has been a blast.
I have been reading all the great post by all the great bloggers I follow and everyone has been so busy.I so enjoy reading every ones blogs.They are so inspiring.
I have started a new project and that is redoing our masted bedroom.OH MY
It seems just when things are quieting down I find something new to do.Not trying to complain.
Our entire house house needs a redo and hubby is on board.We are trying to do most of the work ourselves to save us some money.But I will confess it is hard enjoyable but HARD,

I hope every one's summer so far has been great and that you have had and made many wonderful memories.
I will get better at this blogging.I hope

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Night Check In

Hi Everyone.Hope your weekend has been great.For me it has been pretty good.Started out Friday night with hubby taking me out to dinner his treat and a surprise.We went to steak house had a great time just catching up and being together.
Saturday not so good woke up really early was not able to sleep in, woke up with my hand in some really bad pain.The pain was right below my thumb I think I hit it on my night stand in my sleep.My goodness did it hurt.So on Saturday I didn't to much.Just watched movies on TV which is so rare for me to do on a Saturday.
Sunday was a much day was able to sleep in.No pain which was wonderful.Laid in bed for awhile and watched some I Love Lucy.Just love her funny and clean.
Was able to get a lot of work done.Started off listing somethings on eBay.I have been luck enough to find some pretty good deals at yard sales to sale on eBay.I found a American girl doll her name is Molly with complete outfit for $10.00.Also listed some vintage My Little Pony Paradise Estate furniture and vintage ponies went to a yard sale and got the whole box for $4.50.Also a vintage Fisher Price music box record player from 1971 with all 5 records works great.All the money from my eBay sales goes right into my savings.After all the eBay and paypal fees.
After listing went out into the yard had to tied tomatoes they are growing so fast.Weeded the flower beds yes even after mulch still have some little weeds that make trouble.
And for the rest of the day just time spent with hubby a nice lazy Sunday.
       Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pictures of what I have been doing yard and Garden

Good Thursday night to everyone.I cant believe Friday is almost here.I have had a busy week.Trying to get mulch and straw down.And I can finally say we are done.Thank the Lord.You know when I was younger it seemed to me I could do things a lot faster.Oh well slow and steady wins the race.I tell my self.
This picture is of the entrance to our yard I love the red mulch, and all of my flower beds are done that way.
Most of the flowers you see in this pictures was either given to me or found,or just a surprise just came up.Laying all this mulch really took its toll on my back but I am so happy it is done.
This bed is new this year the plants were there but it was not framed in or mulched.This bed is long runs down our west side of our yards,The dirt patches you see we have sprayed to get rid of creeping charlie and we will be planting grass seed.
This picture is of our garden after newspaper and straw was laid.Oh my Gosh did this take forever.But I think it will be worth it.Not having to weed as much.
Some pictures of some pots of flowers I put together this year.
Love the birdhouse planter simple but so pretty.
Last but not least a whiskey barrel water feature hubby put in for me.I love it.Sorry so heavy with pictures.I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.Until next time may the Lord bless and keeps you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Life has been so busy

Life has been so busy around here.Sorry for the long time between post.Have been working on the yard quite a bit.Mulching and just repairing things that have been needing it for sometime or just broke over the winter
.Have all the flower beds mulched and even put in a new one.Will post pictures.
Have been working on the veggie garden mulching this with straw and newspapers.Had great luck found a farmer who had straw for free which was great was looking at paying $2.75 to $4.00 a bale.Still working on the veggie garden due to we have been having rain on and off just enough to make it not able to go into the garden.
Also have been working on our fiances have been able to pay off 4 bills in 4 months which is wonderful.We refinanced our truck for the same amount of time but for a lower interest rate just one afternoon saved us $1500.00.We are so happy with that.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day I sure did spent the day off had no dishes no cooking no nothing but spending time in my garden.
Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat and a couple Projects

Good Friday evening to you.It hasn't been a busy week around here.The weather for a couple day was rainy cool.Loved it when it was in the eighty's.I knew it was too early for that high of  temperatures but boy was it nice.
So while I couldn't go outside,I did find something to do.
I bought this barrel some while back I paid I think $5.00 and I had planned on a prim redo.So with the bad weather.I did finished it.
 I sanded off the Old Grand Dad sticker painted the sticker outline white then used my cricut to cut out Blessing and then stained it.I recovered it with a odd curtain panel.The barrel does have a plastic insert so this would be a very nice place for storage.

Today I did not go food shopping I thought we would eat off the stock pile and  freezer so far we are doing very well..I also did not top off the truck.We only used 1/4 tank so I am going to hold off.

That's all for me until next time.May the Lord bless and keep you.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday DIY Tipsy Planter Garden pictures

Good Saturday night to ya.Today was a great day to be outside.Got a lot done on the yard.I did go to some yard sales this morning.But I didn't find anything I NEEDED.It was even better because a lot of the sales I went to was so close to my house.Didn't waste a lot of gas traveling around.But hubby and I saw something in someone yard that the both of us like.And hubby said I can make that for you.But more on that later.

I did take picture of the garden they are pitiful due to the plants are so small it almost looks like you are looking at dirt.
But believe it or not you are looking at tomato plants and pepper plants barley can see them.
Also put in cukes,squash,cantaloupes.

Today I put together a tipsy planter I saw sometime ago on the web on someones blogs.I am sorry for not remembering  whose blog.It looked like such a fun project.I had to do it.
I had to go though my Terra cotta pots and find the ones that would work for me.I had my husband drive a metal rod about 18" into the ground.This was my base then I took the largest to the smallest pots and stacked them.Filled them with potting soil and plants.The plants I spent not much at all at Walmart and Lowe's.Two 6 cell packs from Walmart $1.78 and 3 plants at  98 cent a piece from walmart, and one asparagus fern $1.98 from walmart.

Okay back to what hubby and I saw.It was a birdhouse.We went to this one yard sale and the lady had numerous birdhouse that were not functional but cute.We both really like them.So my hubby came home and made this.
The wood was given to us from a neighbor and the roofs are old metal paint pans.This is the design he liked.He is going to build me the one I like soon.
This is it in one of my beds
Fits right in.That's all for me until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat and My Week in Review

I am so glad it is Friday.I don't know, but for some reason this week seemed liked it dragged on and on.I have been busy so it was not like I was sitting on my thumbs.

This week I began trying to get my heirloom tomatoes plants.Thinking this would be a easy task pop into my Walmart or Lowe's.But this was a no go.They had heirlooms in 4" and 6" pots and the asking price was $3.58 a pieces.This was not what I was expecting.I was looking for the cell pack 4 or 6 to a pack.For a much cheaper price.So Monday was a no go for putting my garden in.Tuesday I thought I would pop in to Home Depot to check to see if they carry tomatoes in cells packs.They do and I bought them.So I was able to put my garden in.
This year we planted tomatoes,peppers,green beans,squash,cukes,and cantaloupes.I really hope the garden does good.

Today I topped off the truck I only had to put $20.00 in to fill it up.Went grocery shopping Giant spent $32.95 got my gas point to 123.At Walmart spent $58.04.Total of $90.99.

For me this weekend I hope to hit some yard sales.Gonna be a big one less than a mile from my house 50 families.I hope to find something I NEED.
That's all for me.Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Got my tomatoes today and put my garden in

Happy Tuesday.Well I was able to get my heirloom tomatoes today.I got 16 plants for $6.05 that's more of what I was thinking.I went to home depot and they had them in 4 packs instead of selling 4" and 6" plants.
I also went to our small town hardware store and got my peppers.They had 4 packs for $1.75 so all in all not bad.So I was able to put my tomato's and pepper in for well under $20.00.

So I headed home and got my garden planting basket caddy and spent the day in my garden.It was perfect.I bought this basket sometime ago and I thought I would use it for outside meals but I decided against it.So I turned it into my garden caddy all my tools and such right where I need them.
It comes in handy seed packs, scissors,twine,garden marked.Everything right where I need it.
It was a long day but a good one got a lot of work done before the rain.And was able to spend time doing something I love and also with my thought and my Lord.

I will take pictures of the garden tomorrow by the time I was done today the light made it look like everything was dirt.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Monday to Ya

I hope your weekend was great.Our was a busy one.Was able to hit some yard sales I only was able to buy a garden shovel for $1.00.Not so bad tried to stay close to home due to the price of gas.

Saturday afternoon was weeding and trying to figure out how to rid my yard of this weed called Creeping Charlie.Any information about how to destroy this weed from my yard is greatly appreciated.
BBQ some chicken for dinner Saturday night such a pretty day.

Sunday went to Walgreen's picked up on the Dawn had coupons.The rest of the day we were in the yard enjoying the day.For the temperature to be this wonderful this early is rare for our area.So I have been taking and enjoying every moment I can.

Today we did the finally till on our garden.I thought I would go and buy my tomato plants and pepper plants,But a no go, went to Walmart they did have tomato plants $3.58 a piece.Went to Lowe's $3.48 a piece.Came home and called our locale greenhouse they said they were all out.Today is April 16th and they are all out WOW.We try to buy the heirloom tomato plants when ever possible.But if this is going to be the price then it will be a no go this year.
That's all for me now.Until next time I hope the Lord Keeps and Bless you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat and My Week in Review

Good Friday the 13th.I hope you day was good.For me it was wonderful.This week flew by.It seems like it was just Monday.
This week started off by cleaning up after the Easter Holiday.And missing my children.My husband had a couple doctors appointment.One was almost 30 minutes away.That was a worth while trip.

Worked out in the yard planted some plants Holly Hocks and daisies and moved plants around.I have a long bed on the side of our garage.This bed has been like a holding bed a place I put extras.I finally moved the plants around and now it don't look so bad.

Filled the truck up today not to bad $38.00 it was $3.77 a gallon.We also have a Giant food and for every 100 points you get you can get 10 cents off.We only had 100 points.

Went and did out weekly food shop.Did not do as good as I would like spent $87.11.I did buy a couple extras at Giant they has steaks on sale so I bought a pack of 4.I also bought some extra meat from Food Lion.I will not have to buy it next week.

This weekend is going to be perfect in the 80s I hope maybe to hit some yard sales and work in my yard.Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Steps to paying off Debt and Saving Plan

Hi Everyone I hope your day has been good.
I thought I would make a post about how my husband and I have decided to pay down our debt and our saving plan.
It is a little of Dave Ramsey a little of Amy a little of all the different books I have read.For me one plan has not worked.I am not a religious Dave Ramsey but I do like his envelope system.And so far it has worked for us.

So one day I was sitting down to pay bills and I was looking at the bills we have and the money we spend and I thought if I took just $100.00 and paid that extra on a bill.So that is what I did.I took our lowest credit card debit and paid the minimum plus addition $100.00.I paid that debt off and now I am working on debt number 2.I took the minimum payment plus the $100.00 plus the minimum from debit number 1,and have been paying on that.So my plan is to take the $100.00 plus the first debt I paid off minuime payment plus the next bill minimum payment and keep doing that until the debt is paid off.And keep doing this to each and every debit.
I hope this is not confusing.

My saving I have done a little different.I have a saving bar graph and this saving has been just extra money.That most of the time I would spend.Or I am ashamed to say not pay attention to.But I stopped that.Everything extra for example our washer went up after years of my husband keeping it running it finally died.And we took it to a scrape metal place we made $19.00.And I say we made it  because if we would have done what we always do we would have called the town and they would have charges us $35.00 to haul this away.But we didn't do that this time we rethought it.I have a saving but this has just made me think of all I waste.After bills are paid and all the envelopes are filled what I have done with the extra money.
I know I will make lots of mistakes on the way.But I also know slow and steady wins the race.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter is over and everyone has gone back home

Today things got back to normal.The kids came in over the weekend for Easter stayed through Monday.We had such a good time together.It was such a blessing to be able to catch up with them and here whats going on with them in  their lives.We were able to skype our daughter who could not make it home this year so I was able to talk and enjoy each and everyone of them.
I hope you had a blessed and wonderful Easter.

Was able to get the house straight again I don't know about you but for us it seems like things get put here and there when a Holiday comes and everyone is here.I rather spend time with the family than cleaning  anyway.

Got out in the yard some today I was able to plant couple Holly Hocks,Daisy, and echinacea.I also dug up some garlic chives that were spreading more than I like.

That's all for me today.Until next time I hope the Lord bless and keeps you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat week in review

Can't believe it is already Friday.For me this week worked in my yard and I can finally see a change.A change from winter drabs to springtime.Just finished the cleaning of it.I always have work in my yard fun work.This is my best time t thinks and to ponder the what's whens and who's.

Paid bills worked on budget.This is such a work in progress.But I know I will get there.
Have to remember slow and steady wins the race.

Also this week have been thinking on the areas of where I can save more money.Or should I say plug up some holes.The places I need to work on is food and gas for our truck

Today was food shop and I shopped the sales at out Giant and finished at Walmart I spent $88.45 that was pretty good for me.Today I shopped for the week and Easter dinner.My children will be coming home this weekend.Everyone but our daughter who lives in San Diego.So I felt pretty good over all with the amount.

Did a fill up on the truck can not believe the price of gas used my gas buddy app and paid $3.82 a gallon the total of the fill up was $40.00.I hope I can do it even cheaper next week.I don't think so my husband has a couple of doctors appointments coming up the one is kinda far away.But we shall see.

For me tonight I will be doing some cleaning trying to get ready for Easter.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Out My Back Door

Spring out my back door.... I can say as of today I have cleaned out all the flower beds.And I have raked my entire yard.Oh My God.It seems it has taken me forever.But I look at the yard now and I say to myself it was worth it.
This bed was covered with leaves lots and lots of leaves.I love the little concrete lamb I bought this sometime ago at a auction.So cute he is ready for Easter.
I love seeing the new growth.For me I love spring and summer it is like a new beginning with everything so new and alive.I can't hardly wait until the beds are filled with flowers,bees, and butterflies and birds singing.,
My creeping phlox is the only thing in bloom right now. The Azalea is getting ready to bloom it should be bloomed by Easter.I hope you enjoy the peek out my backdoor.Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Savings Sunday Did a Little Couponing

Good Sunday Afternoon,I hope today was a good one for you.It was for me.Got up early always do seems the older I get the earlier I wake up.Oh well got a lot done today.
Did do a little couponing today at Walgreen's.I was able to get some nice razor some foil major stock up on my Dawn.Also got blueberries muffin mix and yes Bisquick.Would like to have stocked up a little more on the Bisquick but my Walgreen's only had 3.I may try to go back sometime this week to see if they get anymore in.
Got the folding hampers for my son for when he brings his clothes home to wash.I paid $17.64 not to bad I think and also left with $8.00 in register rewards from the razors.Nice coupon in today's paper $5.00 off.
Thanks for stopping by until next time I hope the Lord bless and keeps you.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Saturday!! I am Stumped

Hi Everyone.I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday.I sure did.Got up early to start my day.It was a gray day not real warm not to bad.Cleaned up the house and then I had to do some work outside.
First cut the front yard.And then went out back.There has been a dogwood stump in the back of our yard for sometime.Some years back it was blown down in a storm but we had the every loving stump for sometime.So I thought I would try to see how much I could get out with my trusted ax.A lot of it was easy no I should not say easy but this is what I was able to do.
Before I took the ax to the stump it stuck out of the ground about 8" now it is below the ground.YEAH
Will fill in with dirt and bye bye stump.
Tonight I am gonna do some planning on some coupon deal.Watch some TV and take it easy.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps you.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Long time no Blogging

Hi Everyone,I hope all has been well with you and yours.My life has been so busy too busy to do all the things I would like to do.It has been sometime since my last blog post.I am sorry for that.
Around here we have been changing so much.We have finally settled in being empty Nester.Has been strange and a huge learning adventure.I think we finally got it.
We have been working on a lot we are starting to payoff our debt with a modified Dave Ramsey plan.We have been doing the envelope system.This will be the second month.It has worked very well for us.I find I don't spend as much  money as easily.
I have been shopping a lot with coupons.I have been writing down what I spend and what I save and for me it is amazing.I don't use coupons on things we don't use just to say I save(because I know we don't) I have one exception and that is if the rolling register or the ups is great.Then what I do is give the item away or donate the items.Some places I find my self at a lot is or both are great place to help you save money.More on this later.
We have been working in the yard a lot it is amazing how much damage happens over the winter.Or just things you put off.At the back of our property we have had a mess.Large amount of dead brush that we had to take care of.And every year out town has what they call Spring clean up and this is the time to clean up everything and they will haul it off.No toxin item or construction items but pretty much anything else.We always have a lot amount of leaves and brush.
That just about does it for now.
I am expanding this blog to involve more than just primitives and scrapbook blogs to saving money.couponing.and living frugal.I hope you stay around.
I thank you for sticking with me even though I have been a BAD BAD blogger.I hope to get better with this.
Until next time I hope the Lord Bless and keeps you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Pictures of My Craft Room

Good evening all I hope all has been great for you.It has been pretty quiet around here.Not to much goes on right after the holidays.Plus with the winter blahs you know having to stay in most of the time cause of the weather.
         So today I thought I would share some pictures of my craft room.I took the picture exactly how it was when I walked in no cleaning(which I know it needs it sooo bad).

 This first picture is standing at the entry the computer desk you see is where for right now I have my sewing machine and books with ideas I would like to try also some old scrapbooks.the desk was giving to us and I bought the sewing machine at a yard sale for $10.00 my husband many years ago bought me a new machine just like this one but the bobbin housing kept jumping and the stitch would be loose.So when I saw this at a yard sale I jumped on it works great.

.This picture is just to the right of the door my husband put the shelves up for me and this is where I store book scrapbook albums.Also my sizzix dies.My cricut carts.And much more I think you cant have enough shelves.

 The piece my husband bought me from a auction for $5.00 didn't look like this.My darlin fixed it up for me and I love it.Love all the drawers it hold so much.At the top is 2 skinny drawers which are very nice for small items like brads and buttons.

Love the little compartments.So much easier.

 This is a picture of my cricut expressions 2 I got for my 45th birthday I love love love it.I am still figuring it out.I think this will take me sometime.I have been going onto YouTube and different blogs to get as much information I can.

This desk here is where I scrapbook and rubber stamp.It is just right for me.It is big enough for scrapping and tools and much more.

This area is where i store my rubber stamps.You know most of the stamps you see here was bought at a thrift store.Most are stampin up stamps.Also has picture storage boxes and my Martha Stewart punches.

I hope you enjoyed some views of parts of my craft room.It is one of my favorite places in my home.There is more to the room but I thought the post was getting a little long.I hope in the future to share more with you.

Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and gives you many blessing.Judy