Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Night Check In

Hi Everyone.Hope your weekend has been great.For me it has been pretty good.Started out Friday night with hubby taking me out to dinner his treat and a surprise.We went to steak house had a great time just catching up and being together.
Saturday not so good woke up really early was not able to sleep in, woke up with my hand in some really bad pain.The pain was right below my thumb I think I hit it on my night stand in my sleep.My goodness did it hurt.So on Saturday I didn't to much.Just watched movies on TV which is so rare for me to do on a Saturday.
Sunday was a much day was able to sleep in.No pain which was wonderful.Laid in bed for awhile and watched some I Love Lucy.Just love her funny and clean.
Was able to get a lot of work done.Started off listing somethings on eBay.I have been luck enough to find some pretty good deals at yard sales to sale on eBay.I found a American girl doll her name is Molly with complete outfit for $10.00.Also listed some vintage My Little Pony Paradise Estate furniture and vintage ponies went to a yard sale and got the whole box for $4.50.Also a vintage Fisher Price music box record player from 1971 with all 5 records works great.All the money from my eBay sales goes right into my savings.After all the eBay and paypal fees.
After listing went out into the yard had to tied tomatoes they are growing so fast.Weeded the flower beds yes even after mulch still have some little weeds that make trouble.
And for the rest of the day just time spent with hubby a nice lazy Sunday.
       Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

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