Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat week in review

Can't believe it is already Friday.For me this week worked in my yard and I can finally see a change.A change from winter drabs to springtime.Just finished the cleaning of it.I always have work in my yard fun work.This is my best time t thinks and to ponder the what's whens and who's.

Paid bills worked on budget.This is such a work in progress.But I know I will get there.
Have to remember slow and steady wins the race.

Also this week have been thinking on the areas of where I can save more money.Or should I say plug up some holes.The places I need to work on is food and gas for our truck

Today was food shop and I shopped the sales at out Giant and finished at Walmart I spent $88.45 that was pretty good for me.Today I shopped for the week and Easter dinner.My children will be coming home this weekend.Everyone but our daughter who lives in San Diego.So I felt pretty good over all with the amount.

Did a fill up on the truck can not believe the price of gas used my gas buddy app and paid $3.82 a gallon the total of the fill up was $40.00.I hope I can do it even cheaper next week.I don't think so my husband has a couple of doctors appointments coming up the one is kinda far away.But we shall see.

For me tonight I will be doing some cleaning trying to get ready for Easter.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Out My Back Door

Spring out my back door.... I can say as of today I have cleaned out all the flower beds.And I have raked my entire yard.Oh My God.It seems it has taken me forever.But I look at the yard now and I say to myself it was worth it.
This bed was covered with leaves lots and lots of leaves.I love the little concrete lamb I bought this sometime ago at a auction.So cute he is ready for Easter.
I love seeing the new growth.For me I love spring and summer it is like a new beginning with everything so new and alive.I can't hardly wait until the beds are filled with flowers,bees, and butterflies and birds singing.,
My creeping phlox is the only thing in bloom right now. The Azalea is getting ready to bloom it should be bloomed by Easter.I hope you enjoy the peek out my backdoor.Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Savings Sunday Did a Little Couponing

Good Sunday Afternoon,I hope today was a good one for you.It was for me.Got up early always do seems the older I get the earlier I wake up.Oh well got a lot done today.
Did do a little couponing today at Walgreen's.I was able to get some nice razor some foil major stock up on my Dawn.Also got blueberries muffin mix and yes Bisquick.Would like to have stocked up a little more on the Bisquick but my Walgreen's only had 3.I may try to go back sometime this week to see if they get anymore in.
Got the folding hampers for my son for when he brings his clothes home to wash.I paid $17.64 not to bad I think and also left with $8.00 in register rewards from the razors.Nice coupon in today's paper $5.00 off.
Thanks for stopping by until next time I hope the Lord bless and keeps you.