Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Friday to Ya and some Progress on Bedroom

Hey everyone I hope it has been good for you.Life has been busy around here.
Still working on our bedroom.Let's see got the skim coat on all the walls and ceiling.Got all walls and ceiling sanded.And now working on scraping all the wood work.We would have liked to have taken our wood work back down to the natural state but we were not able to do so, it seemed as hard as we tried to get every single little spec of paint we were not able to get it all.I worked on one window for a week and it was still not what we were looking for.Still had specs of paint in grooves.
In our bedroom while we were taking it completely apart we thought it would be a good time to take the Windows out scrape all the old paint off scrape out all the old glaze.We would prime,paint,and re glaze both windows.
Well we have came across a window that will not come out.While we were at this we also were replacing the sash cords on our weights in our windows.All worked fine on the first window came out like a breeze.We were expecting trouble but it was so easy we though hey not a problem.We could do this to the entire house all 23 windows.YEAH right We move to the second window in our bedroom take out the necessary moulding bottom window part comes out no problem.We move to the top part and it will not budge.
Don't you love the towel curtain.
We have tried everything it will not move.The top part of the window has a metal track frame on three side we are not sure if somehow this has gotten twisted or damaged in someway.We are still plugging away trying to figure away to get this out.
Here are some pictures of the before and after pictures of the baseboard
This is a picture of before ugly green we are scraping down and sanding it ready for new primer and paint.
Saturday we should finish the wood work so that only means next week we prime and then paint.Can you believe it.Only if we get the window out.Wish us luck gonna need it.
It has been a trip, fun but a lot of work.
If anyone out there knows how to get a window out in a home built in 1923 PLEASE let me know.
Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.