Saturday, January 21, 2012

Give away at My Mind's Eye

Hi everyone just a blog to let ya all know My Mind's Eye is doing a give away.I love My Mind's Eye Dilly Dally and Dolled up.

Thanks And Good Luck Judy

Friday, January 20, 2012

Long time no blogging Happy New Year

Hi ya all,I hope you had a wonderful Holiday with your friends and family..We were so blessed all the family was able to be home for Christmas.We had a very special time together.
        Life has been so very busy for me,it has just been recently life is finally starting to quiet down.
You see for my family from October 31st until January 1st we always have something going on

October 31st Harvest we who can get together and have dinner
 November 4th my Mothers birthday I always go to her grave (hard time for me)
 November 17th my birthday
November 19th our oldest birthday 
November 2@@ what ever date Thanksgiving falls on
December 17th our anniversary
December 25th Jesus birthday
 January 1st New Years
 So you can see busy time for us.
Love the holidays but they are such a busy time can't get all the things done.

The year in review 2011 has been a very trying year.Lets see my husband has been through it dealing with his health.It has been a very trying year.It is starting to look a lot better he is doing so much better.

This year I also found myself as a empty Nester that was very trying our youngest left for school and I found myself with the idea of now what. What do I do now????
With time I have found my place I now understand I am more than a Mother after 29 years and 4 children I know ..... Its okay to get back to me get back to me and my husband. You know after so many years of being mom and dad you do sometimes loose your way. It has been hard but I can say I am HAPPY. Happy just being.  Finding out things about myself and my husband that I love things I have forgot. Just getting back to what the beginning of US was. Had ups and a lot of downs but I can say it is better.
 I figured with my blog there is so much more I would like to do more than just primitives (which I love).
Would like my blog be so much more of my loves family , God , scrap booking ,rubber stamping ,couponing this one is so addictive ,yard sailing ,recipes , and so much more.I guess a blog of many things.
 2011 was a year of seeing what you are made of (and I think I did okay) ..... 2012 Will be a lot better I HOPE.
Thanks to all who has stuck with me you are great.Until next time may the Lord bless and keep you .