Sunday, November 28, 2010

To my big brother

This post is dedicated to my big brother Gwen.He passed away 11-21-10 at 7:00 am.He was a wonderful big brother,quit man and so sure in what he did have to say.He was a big brother of 8 brothers and sisters.He was a husband to a lovely woman who was waiting for him in heaven.He was a Dad to some very wonderful children.He was a son to a Mother and Dad also waiting for him in heaven.He was a friend to many and a enemy to few.He was the oldest and I the youngest in our family he taught me so much.He taught me what a persons word means no matter what,he taught me do the very best at what ever you do he taught me so many things.Big brother I love and I will miss you everyday.I hope when my time comes that you Mom and Dad will be waiting for me in heaven.