Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa Painting I made From Paint Works

Good Tuesday Day I hope this day has been great for you.It has been a wonderful day for me getting things ready for Christmas.Decorating the house mailing packages out from my ebay buyers.Just seems like a lot on the things to do list.But that's okay keeping busy.
Today and yesterday took some time to paint a Santa Clause I found in Paint Works magazine by Pam Grady December 2011.I just fell in love with it to me it is Primitive
This is the cover of the magazine if anyone by chance may look for it.
Here is the magazine picture of the Santa

The instruction were so easy to follow and it only took me about 6 hours from start to finish not to bad.
Here is my Primitive Santa from Paint Works
I have to go up into my attic and dig out a frame I like I will do that tomorrow.
Just a little something I thought I would share.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and Bless you.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Feather tree in progress

Hi Everyone I hope this day was good for each and everyone of you.It was a wonderful day for me and hubby.Went to thrift stores and did some food shop.After all the running we came and did alittle Christmas decorating.Hubby was working on outside lights and I was working on my new feather tree I got at the auction a couple weeks ago.
 The ornaments I know I need to get some more but this is what I have right now.I decided to put some old toys under the tree.
I know I will tweak this so much but I could not wait to show my feather tree.I have always wanted one and I am so happy to have one.I think I will do some shopping on ebay for some more decorations for this sparse tree.I hope the Lord keeps you and bless you Judy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures

Thanksgiving for us starts on Wednesday.This is when everyone most of the time comes home.This year was extra special our daughter who now lives in San Diego she came home early.She was my birthday surprise.
She is doing so good.

On Wednesday it was our son and me mainly baking pies and cakes and we had a ball.
Later on in the day the girls were able to join in it was a great time all around.
We had so much fun.Our middle daughter she had to work an d was not able to come home until later that night.But she was there for Thanksgiving.
It was such a great day just being with the loved ones and having so much fun.Eating too much food and just catching up.
I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with wonderful blessing.
(One person is missing DH he is the one taking the pictures.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

                   May the blessing of the seasoning be with you and your family.I hope for you and yours many laughs with family and friend.Good food and a wonderful time for all.
I have so many Thanksgivings I am so blessed.I thank my Lord and Savior.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thrifting Weekend Some Wonderful Finds

Good Sunday afternoon.I hope everyone has had a great weekend.
It has been a busy and fun weekend for hubby and I.Saturday woke up early and hit some yard sales the weather was wonderful for November.Starting off I really wasn't finding anything but we finally hit a pretty good one.Was walking around and almost tripped over my first buy which was 3 wonderful metal stars.
I asked the lady how much ? And she says $1.00 for all three I was okay I can do that.At the same yard sale also found a red candle tray I think I will makeover
 Also $1.00 not bad somethings I really like and just had to spend 2 bucks.We left there and hit another pretty good yard sale and the lady was selling a lot of longaberger baskets.Most of the time in my neck of the woods at yard sales longabergers have a pretty price on them.I looked and her prices was not bad at all.I was able to snag a 2002 Christmas traditions combo basket for $15.00.I love it
 Not a lot of yard sales but was able to find things I really enjoy.
Today hubby I went to Oneal's auctions they always have very nice things.I was able to snag a very nice bowl 
Love the colors I paid $15.00 not bad I think for such a pretty bowl.
I have always loved feather trees but they have always gone for a pretty penny when ever they come up for auction.Today at the auction they had one.It was not marked and I am not for sure if someone made it or if it was vintage but for the price I could not pass it up.
I won the tree for $30.00 I was so happy to have won.It is about 50" tall.It needs a little repair to a couple of the feathers.If anyone knows how to repair feather trees or a good web site with the info please let me know.
I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time hubby and I spent together this weekend.I hope your weekend was great.Until next time.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Back after along time

Hi everyone it has been along time since I have blogged anything.I have had so many things happen to me and my family.Since then I have had 3 grown children move out YEAH and all are in collage YEAH again.
I know it has been so tough out there rent food and everything.But I am glad to say each are moved out dealing with the problems that come up and doing well.
Lets see our oldest who had her associates degree went back and know is getting her bachelor's degree in teaching.She is doing it on her own.She has had some major set backs but she has not given up.We are so proud of her.
Our baby daughter she decided to move across the country to finally go to collage so she and a friend drove across country and now she is in San Diego CA and going to collage.Oh to be young again.She is doing great she is working going to school and finding her way.She is a go getter.
Then our youngest moved out he is living at the other side of the state we live in he is in collage getting his bachelors.Great things is he is able to live with our second oldest who has already finished collage.
He is doing great working and going to school.
I am so proud of all of my children and I am glad they are making there way in this world.I will be honest and say the empty nest was very hard for me.For as long as I can remember I have always took care of someone.So this is a strange journey for me and my husband.
We are doing a lot better you know you go from fixing problems to doing anything you like.Strange but also good.
Even though I have not posted a blog I have been keeping up on all the great make overs decorating.menus and just great time everyone has been up to.I am glad to be back and I hope to make new friends and let some of the old one know how great they are.Until next time may the Lord keep you and bless you

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Very Trying Time For My Family

It has been sometime since I have posted anything on my blog.It has been a very trying time for my family.It was a problem that needed my and my husbands full attention.
We fixed the problem and our family walked through the firer and we are stronger and closer.
I am sorry for not given more details but this is a  private matter.
Things are quieting down and they are a lot better Thank You God.
Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Food shopping Friday and this weeks menu

Every Friday I do my food shop for the week.And my son and I plan our menu yes my son.This week Super Fresh has some really good deals whole chicken 89 cents a pound so I bought 4.They also had London Broil buy one get one free.So again I bought 4.I am looking at the month buy it the cheapest I can to last the month.I also bought Super Fresh store brand green bean and asparagus 3 for $1.00 I bought 12 cans of each.This is just the high lights I can think of while I am sitting here in front of the glare of the computer.When we went to check out the total was $198.46 after my coupons and club card the total came down to $106.42 I thought wow.

This weeks menu is
Friday always Taco night
Saturday Cheese steaks and fries
Sunday Chicken and dumplings
Monday pork lions,green beans and homemade mac and cheese
Tuesday Lasagna
Wednesday Shrimp Linguine
Thursday Chicken Tenders and fries

Went to a couple thrift stores today found couple things will post about them tomorrow.
I am so thankful for my family,my health.My life the good and the bad,the good is wonderful but you know the bad lets you know how strong you really are.
Until next time may the Lord keep you and bless you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Somethings I made for Easter Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone I hope you had a wonderful weekend.Over the weekend I tried my hand at making some Easter wrapped eggs I saw over at Parker's Paradise Linda inspired me she makes them out of homespun fabric. I just made mine out of muslin and coffee stained them.They were so fun to make.
The little basket I got at the Salvation Army for 25 cents.
I also made a Easter bunny I found this free pattern on the web can't remember where.the design is by Primitive Annies.It was so easy to make and lots of fun.

I coffee stained the bunny also.

They both were fun projects to do over the weekend.If you remember last week we started to put our garden how the weather was warm.Well this is what we woke up to on Sunday.

The garden all covered with snow.Only a couple inches.As the day went on the snow did melt fast.I am so ready for spring to stay.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Sunday Spring has Sprung at our house

Happy Sunday... I hope everyone had a great week and a super weekend.It has been a busy week at our home.I like being busy.I have been working on some crafts I haven't finished them yet kinda got side track.With the warmer days of spring each day has been getting warmer all week and by Friday we hit 74 degrees oh yeah.So I started working on my yard.My DH had already tilled the garden so that was good we decided on Saturday to put our potatoes in and onions and cabbage,broccoli,lettuce and Brussels sprouts.So all weekend that is what DH and I did.
So we planted 5 pounds of Yukon gold potatoes,a quart of yellow onions and a quart of red onions.

This is a wide row of broccoli,cabbage,lettuce,and Brussels sprouts.We used the Dick Raymond method of wide row plating 3 2 3.It was a great weekend around our house I hope it was for you.As the day was ending on Sunday I took the camera and took some pictures of my spring in my back yard

This daffodil is under a azalea right when i leave my back door it is there every morning as to say Hi.
My frogs you know you always have frogs in the garden.

This bush is at the back of our yard it is sunshine on a cloudy day.
Thanks for taking the time and stopping by.I hope your weekend was wonderful.Until next time may the Lord bless you and keep you.Judy

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Wonderful Sunday

Hi everyone..
 I hope everyone had a great weekend.I spent this weekend with my hubby and that was great.We most of the time don't get to spend the weekend together busy life gets in the way.Friday night he ask me honey what would you like to do this weekend I seemed to be thinking but I did know right away I would like to go to thrift store, craft stores it did not matter I choose thrift stores.He said okay.Saturday started off alittle slow our youngest daughter asked if we could take her to work so my husband took her to work around 10:oo so not a early start like I planned thats okay.As soon as he got back we left.We have two towns south and north of us with great thrift stores most of the time we go to the one that is closest to us about 5 miles south.This day hubby asked why dont we go up north the thrift store up that way is about 15 miles from us I kinda heistated due to the crazy price of gas.But this day I said sure.
The trip up we talked not about anything important just talk hubby was the one who was talking or should I say he started the conversation which is not the norm it is me who is talking and he either says yes, no, or I don't know not this time and we both enjoyed our time together.
I am glad we went up north this time found lots of great thrift store finds
Found some scrapbook items Martha Stewart halloween around the page punches,fiskars punch Christmas,clear stamps and card stock.

I found somethings I can do makeovers on which is great.The lamp I am not going to do anything to just add a nice primitive lamp shade.The little grater I will just add to a gathering.The bowls I am going to sand and paint them and stain them we will see.The cutting board I will sand and beat up stains or paint it we will see.I will show pictures with the makeovers in the future.
Sunday was a day of taking our time not really doing anything.Cleaned the house it was kinda nice here went outside raked acouple of my flower beds it is amazing of how many leaves, sticks, trash gets in the beds over winter.
Came in made dinner chicken and homemade egg noodles dinner was so good.
Great weekend in our home I hope everyone had one too.Until next time may the Lord bless and keep you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Auction Adventure Won a Couple Primitive items so fun

This past weekend Dh,DD and myself went to a local auction.We had so much fun.With this auction on the Friday before you are allowed to preveiw the items which is so great.So Friday hubby and I went to look at the items so many great things.I saw so many things I would love to have but I thought if I went to the auction with out a plan I would buy things I really didnt need or pay to much.So I saw a couple things and I set a price that I would like to pay.First was what i think is a Firkin not for sure the auction guy called it a mince meat pot?I loved the wood size I just loved this pieces so I set a price of $25.00
The Firkin is about 6" tall so pretty.
The bidding started and it was between two ladies $5.00,$6.00,$7.00 and then one lady dropped out and then I jumped in $8.00 to me back to her $9.00 and so on and at the end I won and I paid $22.00.So what ever it may be I think not a bad price and I love it.So I am happy.At this same auction I also won a wooden advertizing box so cool.
This wood box i am thinks of a great to hold books or maybe some flowers with a light in the center I dont know right now I just liked it so much I paid $8.00.
One thing I noticed while at the auction people were leaving so many things.My husband was standing at a table and this gentleman had one a very large box lot and was getting ready to leave and my husband stopped him to let him know he forgot something he said he didnt wont it.That my husband could have it if.So my husband asked me if I liked it and I said yes what did you pay and he said nothing.This is what the gentleman left

Not bad for free.I have to say we all had great fun.My daughter found somethings also she likes the Shabby chic style.What a great Saturday morning.If you know what the wooden bucket is if you dont mind please let me know.Until next time.May the Lord bless and keep you.Judy

Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Primitive Gathering Pictures and a Felt Bird Pinkeep

I have been busy moving things around in my dinning room.Trying new displays getting out some of the thrift store treasures I have found.It always seems like I am moving something somewhere.I do enjoy changing thing in and out I have found out I love stoneware bowls,jugs,and crocks.This first picture in a display on top of my china cabinet
I love the stoneware moon shine jugs the browns and creams I got the from auctions and thrift store.When I got the shelf in the back is was covered in children's stickers paid I think 25 or 50 cents cleaned it up and painted white stained it.I do like how it turned out
The next picture is on top of my hutch

This display is some of my favorite things I love the old stoneware bowls they just make me think of my mom making biscuits on a Sunday morning and the wonderful smells I would smell when I came home from school.
The wooden shelf in the back I did replace the back due to it was in such bad condition I still love it.I think at one time it was a soda bottle carries of some sort.

This is also on my hutch the blue and white bowl in the middle my mother in law bought this for me one Christmas the two brown bowls I got at a auction years ago for $10.00 for both I do love the color.The ice tongs are a touch from my Darling hubby not for sure if they are going to stay there.

This display is on our buffet I love old or new boxes I don't know why.The wood bowls is something I have tried to paint to look primitive until I come across the bowls I can afford.The swan I just got this past weekend at the Goodwill for $6.00 I really like it.And yes more bowls.

Last but not least is a display on top a cabinet my Darling hubby made me.The brown pitcher is one of my favorites.
Just a small tour around to the displays in my dinning room of some of my favorite things.
I also have been working on some of the crafts I have around in my craft room.I pick so many things up at thrift stores and yard sales that I can say I do forget some of the things I have.I have been buying a lot of old wool skirts,jackets and what ever to make penny rugs or wool appliques.I had a pattern for a bird so I thought a wool bird pin keep on a old wood spool.Don't thinks it is to bad for my first try.You gotta know I have never been a person who stitches anything.I mean I can sew on a button fix a hem but to make anything with a stitch I have never done so.So since the first of the year I have been trying to step outside my box and try new craft things.

Until next time May the Good Lord keep and Bless you Judy 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finished My Penny Rug (Wool Applique)

Okay it did take me sometime to finished my Penny rug Oh and I did find out by searching that this is not a penny rug but more wool applique.Either way it is finished.
All the wool I used what thrift store finds old jackets and skirts.That was fun to find I didn't have as many colors to work with as I wish I did but I will keep searching.Part of the fun right.
Cutting out my pattern I should have kept the basket and the handle all in one part not two.
It would have been a lot better to have had a pattern.I know there is alot of room for improvement but I am still happy with the finished piece
I did get a little better with the beginning and ending stitch.Which I am glad.Corners still do give me some trouble.I do enjoy making the pennies they were fun to make.

All and all this was so fun to make.I know I have alot to learn my stitches are not even and exact.I know there is so much to learn.But I do know I will do this again.I cant wait to make the next one following a pattern and all.
In the mean time I was able to fit in sometime for some thrift store shopping and my this weekend I was able to find some really neat things.Hubby and I went to our local Goodwill on Friday mourning and in a bind on the bottom shelf covered with some papers I found Creative Memories paper punches square circle and heart.I have always wanted them but I didn't want to pay the price that I had seen them on ebay.
I found all five for $5.00 not bad oh yeah.I found more thrift store finds I will be posting more this week.Until then may God keep you and Bless you Judy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Primitive Makeover completed & Major Progress on Penny Rug

I finished the spice cupboard makeover it went from 80s country to more of a primitive look.
First I painted it all black then painted it a mustard color.Sanded it to destress it paint the wire mesh all black.I do like how it turned out.

Everything on top came from Goodwill or Salvation army.Also thing that I did a makeover on.

This took sometime to complete but I have to say so much fun.

I have to say I only got one side of the Penny rug completed.I am learning so much the more I stitch.The stitch itself is getting somewhat better.Felt is so much easier to work with than fabric.

This has been a fun new craft to do.I really enjoy doing this next one I do I might buy a kit.Not sure.Hopefully next post about the rug it will be completed.
Until next time may God keep you and bless you.Judy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress on my Penny rug and a Primitive Makeover

I have been so busy this week.It seems everyone in our house had a Doctor's appointment.First our son wakes up Monday morning and he was saying how he felt so much better.He had been fighting a major head cold.But this day he said he felt better as we are sitting and talking I notice his neck on his left side his neck was swollen it looked like a perfect egg under his skin.So off to the Doctors.Come to find out he had a ear infection.Tuesday comes and our youngest daughter has a Doctor appointment so she asked me if I would go with her and I said sure she a good check up and all is well.Then on Thursday my husband has a regular doctors appointment.
A fun fill week.Little busy so that is why I am delayed with the pictures of the progress of my first penny rug.
I got both of the baskets stitched the first one I see so many mistakes.The second one I still see mistakes but I do see the stitch is getting a little better.

I know I have so far to go.Since I have started this I have been looking at penny rugs on different blogs.Such pretty work.It seems like I am doing everything wrong.But I will finish it.And I will be proud of it.I think...I hope..I guess I will see.Next is to stitch the penny flower and stitch the stems.I will post the pictures as I make progress.
Do you remember the 80's particular the country decoration the blue color that seemed to be on anything.Furniture,trim rugs,Just about anything.I had this piece that was blue and stain wood I use it for a spice cabinet.So yesterday night I decided to change it to more primitive color.
Below is the before oh my
This piece has strong bones I got this from a auction for $4.00 so I said why not.But it needed such a change and that is my new project.

The drawers are great for storage kitchen towels,table cloths,just about anything.

Has a shelf great for herbs and spices oils and vinagers.I am changing the look of this pieces all together.Also in this process I also went through my spices and herbs the old ones I tossed.It has been a fun filled weekend so far.I hope that Sunday does work out that I can post more pictures of progress of the penny rug and also the spice cabinet makeover.
Until nest time may the Lord keep you and bless you Judy