Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today was such a wonderful day

Do you ever have one of those days.You wake up and all is right with the world in your mind.I woke up early again 5:00 am and I laid listening to the birds, breathing in the crisp air,I know it is August but last night here in Delaware we went down to 63 degrees.It was such a peaceful time I pondered so many things and I felt so blessed.I got up out of bed and started my day.It was a day of just quiet and peaceful a very rare day around hear.So I did take the time and enjoyed it took a walk was outside most of the day.God knew I needed this day and it was wonderful .How about you do you every have one of those days?
Around the home today I had a lot of clothes to wash I did some and just a minor day of cleaning I just like enjoying this day of seeing what was around me.
I did no crafting but I did see such a pretty page of remembering that i am going to do of my Mom and brother and sister whom we have lost.
i do hope to share
Until next time Judy

Friday, July 30, 2010

Around our home today

Woke up early 5:00 am ok that is even early for me.Drank coffee and poked around on the computer.
Had to get ready for the day.So I started out with cleaning out the fridge and cupboards.Going through and checking for expired food.Straighten up it is amazing how messy things can get.
Washed all the dirty dishes.
Had to start meal planning with that I looked at all the sale papers to look and see the loss lender items for sale this week.
Went through my coupon and stared making my meal plan.
I think i did good I know I am not a black belt saver and coupon er yet but I am slowly getting it.i would say it is a work in progress.
My meal plan for this week.
I only list my meals for dinner due to our breakfast and lunch is pretty basic no frills eggs,biscuits,bologna sandwich.
Friday dinner Bar B Que chicken
corn on the cob from the garden
sliced tomato and cukes also from the garden
Saturday BLTs
pasta salad all veggies from garden
Sunday Chicken and dumplings
sliced cukes and tomatoe
Monday always Taco night

Tuesday Jambalaya and biscuits
Wednesday Hamburgers and french fries
Thursday Pork chops
green beans and home made mac and cheese
So we started out to Super Fresh spent $80.44 after bonus card and coupons ending total $42.10 almost half in saving.
Next we went to Giant spent total $64.96 after bonus card and coupons total $31.64
Next we went to walmart $!07.47 only saved $1.05 not much but hey it was something.
I think I am getting better and I know it can only go up from here.
Today was a good day.On Saturday will be going to some yard sales and thrift store looking.
I hope everyone one has a wonderful weekend Thanks for stopping by Judy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Around my home today

Was not able to do any crafting or creating today.Had alot of cleaning and books for the house to take care of today.Woke up early and thought I would get done early to do some creating but that didnt happen.
I started with the kitchen deep cleaning,then onto folding a couple baskets of clothes.Could not hang out any clothes on the clothes line do to storms coming through all day.
Then being the end of the month I had to do the home books getting everything together and writing out a budget.This took some time had some extras this month.Still have to meal plan and on Friday I will do the food shop.
I hope this weekend to get some creating done.I like to go to some yard sales,thrift stores.We will see.And hope to be posting some pictures of what I am doing and or creating.
Have a wonderful night until next time Judy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey and Welcome to my new blog.

I hope you enjoy my blog.I am brand new to the blogging world so please bare with me.I like to have a place to post my thought and ideas and have fun doing so.
A little about what I do I am a wife and Mother of 4 grown children.I have been married for 27 years to a wonderful man.
I have been scrap booking for about 7 years and I really do enjoy that.I also like primitive home decor love it.I like taking old pieces of furniture and turning them into something new.One thing I did in my home was.I found a bed at out local Salvation Army solid wood stained I bought it for $5.00 brought it home and sanded it down painted it black distressed it and now it is in our bedroom looks pretty good.Hope to post some pictures soon.
Thanks for stopping by Judy