Friday, November 11, 2011

Back after along time

Hi everyone it has been along time since I have blogged anything.I have had so many things happen to me and my family.Since then I have had 3 grown children move out YEAH and all are in collage YEAH again.
I know it has been so tough out there rent food and everything.But I am glad to say each are moved out dealing with the problems that come up and doing well.
Lets see our oldest who had her associates degree went back and know is getting her bachelor's degree in teaching.She is doing it on her own.She has had some major set backs but she has not given up.We are so proud of her.
Our baby daughter she decided to move across the country to finally go to collage so she and a friend drove across country and now she is in San Diego CA and going to collage.Oh to be young again.She is doing great she is working going to school and finding her way.She is a go getter.
Then our youngest moved out he is living at the other side of the state we live in he is in collage getting his bachelors.Great things is he is able to live with our second oldest who has already finished collage.
He is doing great working and going to school.
I am so proud of all of my children and I am glad they are making there way in this world.I will be honest and say the empty nest was very hard for me.For as long as I can remember I have always took care of someone.So this is a strange journey for me and my husband.
We are doing a lot better you know you go from fixing problems to doing anything you like.Strange but also good.
Even though I have not posted a blog I have been keeping up on all the great make overs decorating.menus and just great time everyone has been up to.I am glad to be back and I hope to make new friends and let some of the old one know how great they are.Until next time may the Lord keep you and bless you