Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Thoughts and Ideas

Things have been going along in our home.I have been painting and sewing some fall decor.I will post some pictures.Some of the things I have made is I took a old metal try and painted a witch on it flying.I had some circle boxes and painted them Happy Harvest.I sewed some pumpkins primitive style.I have had and still do a crafting fever.It has been fun.
I brought out all of my Halloween decorations over this last weekend and put all of it up.It took all day Saturday.Everything looks nice.
Watched a lot of football Sunday I guess I may be a strange one I LOVE NFL FOOTBALL.
My husband is a Redskins fan,my son is a Jets fan,My daughter is a Panthers fan,my other daughter is a titan fan,my last daughter is a Steelers fan,and I am a Vikings /Lions fan.Tell me our family is all mixed up we do have a lot of fun with it though.
On the frugal homekeeping front I started selling back on eBay first week back made about $225.00 after eBay and pay pal fees.I had come across some AD&D very cheap,also some older fisher price little people and a original My Buddy doll the doll was almost perfect.
This week I found a Singer Knitting machine for $3.00 and now that is listed.We will see what that sells for.
The home budget could always have improvement I am constantly working on this.I feel OK with it right now.One thing I am doing is I put all my pennies in a small bowl and when it looks like I have 50 pennies I go ahead and roll them,that way I am not sitting down with a mountain of pennies and thinking of anything else I could be doing than rolling pennies.It has been working for me pretty good.
Went ahead today and got our oil tank topped off not bad only 82 gallons.Now we will see how long we can go before we have to cut the heater on I am hoping for October 15th we shall see.The weather around here has been very cool at night and in the high 70s to low 80s.Very nice weather.I will not complain after the summer we had.the heat was out of this world.
Tomorrow for dinner a recipe I got from taste of Home years ago beer beef stew and dinner rolls it is so good.
Until next time may the Lord keep you and bless you.