Saturday, December 11, 2010

What have you done today

I woke up early can we say 4:00 but I did not jimp out of bed I laid watching M.A.S.H.This is my sons and mine favorite tv show.Got out of bed after drinking a nice cup of coffe with my hubby.
Knew we had a lot to do so we both wanted to start early.
Got up cleaned the house washed clothes hung them out to freeze.ha ha
Hubby and I went to buy cookie ingredents had to shop at super fresh and super walmart.Came home and then we had to hang Christmas lights we had fun hubby me DD # 1 and our son decorated the font porch.
We laughed and jokes around.You know at the same time we were hanging Christmas lights the towns Christmas parade was going on.So fun hanging the lights and having the band playing Christmas tunes.
Came in made some coffee all sat around the table talking and warming up.
We stared making cookies we made oatmeal raisins and chocolate thumbprints and we also made chex mix.So much fun
Made some shrimp linguine for dinner
Came in after taking along hot bath and stared watching It's A Wonderful life oh and by the way the greatest movie ever made for Christmas
Thinking about our life our family and money.
I will change our money situation and I will make it better.
When I start this will be January 1 2011 it will be a life change for our family in the right direction.
I hope the New Year brings you change of greatness
Love Judy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time to think

You know I have thought alot lately.About where I am, what I am doing and the big one WHY.I guess my brothers death has got me to thinking.I am sure that is normal.But i really would like a change.
Not to change me in the way I walk or talk ( I do talk with a Southern twang) not the way I treat people,not the way I love.I would like to change the things I put off for another day.I will do that next week or net year or how about this you wake up and you have not done nothing you have put off.
I have never been one to walk away from a problem no matter how big or small.I just dive in and I do follow through.
I just want to take the things I would like to do or the thoughts I may have and see what would happen if I would take the next step and see what would happen.
So for me things I would like to see what is
Dealing with my family's money I would like to be better Stewart's.
I want to have a hefty savings I am 4* something and I am so bad at this.
I would like to have a will I know bad bad bad but I don't
I would like having my money working for me
I would like to have a Christmas and not have the worries you know how can we do????
So I guess I am at were Dave Ramsey says you have to be before you change I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED
So I am ready for a change
Not just money but relationships okay that is another post.
But I have done a major check on Judy and I am ready for a change.
I know most people do this at the beginning of the year but really does  it matter when, as long at sometime in your life you get it and I can say I GOT IT.
I am ready for a change and I am gonna do it.