Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What do you do between Christmas and New Years ?

I am so glad you stopped by today.I hope you had a wonderful Christmas our family was so blessed to spend time together and celebrate Christmas together.
I do have a funny story to tell this year our Christmas was wonderful our family was able to be together and celebrate Jesus birth.Our daughter who live away was able to come home.
Her boyfriend came down on Christmas to spend Christmas with us.It was a wonderful day.We opened present spent time with family and friends,played game,and watched football.It was a fun filled day.
We got a call from m y sister Tammy late Christmas day letting us know we were expecting a major blizzard we knew nothing about it.She said 8 to 12".I was so hoping she was wrong.
We went to bed all was great in our slumber,I woke at 3:30 looked out the window and saw no snow I was yes big sister is wrong.Went back to bed until 6:30 and at this time I was wakened by our daughter who made the track home to a scream.
I went down stairs with her she was scared the Christmas Tree fell down crash boom and a very large bang.
I for a moment was not for sure what I was looking at.But as soon as my eyes focused I knew.
All the ornaments that I have collected for over 28 years are now broken.
I went back upstairs I got my robe and slippers cause I knew glass was everywhere.So DD her boyfriend my DH and myself started picking up the mess.Out of all this mess only 3 ornament were broken.
So this Christmas I took my tree down day after Christma.I have never done that before.Could not figure why it feel.I just hope this never happens again.

Now back to my question what do you do between Christmas and New Years.I know alot of people are on vacation,spending time with family for the entire week.Just different things.
For me it has always been organizing things in my house that I let go.
Today I organized my desk no pictures but my gosh it was a mess.I started about 6:30 am this mourning and finished about 10:00.
And then I looked at my coupon binder and this was a true mess
In this are full coupons pages never been cut ,expired coupons.It is just a mess.So I decided it was time to fix this mess.
Before Christmas no I would say before Thanksgiving I was doing so well using coupons with the sell paper to save a lot of money.And I need to start this again and live by it.I had a small pantry that did help with the Holidays which came in handy.
This is in progress of being organized major work in progress I will pot pictures of the finished binder.
All through this year I will be posting my food budget what I bought,what I spent and what I saved.
I am not a coupon Queen,I do not spend hours of my week clipping and trying to find the best deal I do have a web site I do love which is http://www.afullcup.com/ I thinks this site is a super place.If you do Rite Aid ,Walgeens or what ever..I am just a regular person trying to do the best with what I have.Making major mistakes and mishaps and sometimes making a score.I hope you like what you read.If you don't that's okay also.