Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thrifting Weekend Some Wonderful Finds

Good Sunday afternoon.I hope everyone has had a great weekend.
It has been a busy and fun weekend for hubby and I.Saturday woke up early and hit some yard sales the weather was wonderful for November.Starting off I really wasn't finding anything but we finally hit a pretty good one.Was walking around and almost tripped over my first buy which was 3 wonderful metal stars.
I asked the lady how much ? And she says $1.00 for all three I was okay I can do that.At the same yard sale also found a red candle tray I think I will makeover
 Also $1.00 not bad somethings I really like and just had to spend 2 bucks.We left there and hit another pretty good yard sale and the lady was selling a lot of longaberger baskets.Most of the time in my neck of the woods at yard sales longabergers have a pretty price on them.I looked and her prices was not bad at all.I was able to snag a 2002 Christmas traditions combo basket for $15.00.I love it
 Not a lot of yard sales but was able to find things I really enjoy.
Today hubby I went to Oneal's auctions they always have very nice things.I was able to snag a very nice bowl 
Love the colors I paid $15.00 not bad I think for such a pretty bowl.
I have always loved feather trees but they have always gone for a pretty penny when ever they come up for auction.Today at the auction they had one.It was not marked and I am not for sure if someone made it or if it was vintage but for the price I could not pass it up.
I won the tree for $30.00 I was so happy to have won.It is about 50" tall.It needs a little repair to a couple of the feathers.If anyone knows how to repair feather trees or a good web site with the info please let me know.
I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time hubby and I spent together this weekend.I hope your weekend was great.Until next time.