Monday, October 15, 2012

The Master Bedroom Almost Done

Hi everyone.We have been so busy with the work on the Master bedroom.I haven't done much more than that.We have made major progress on the project.
The above picture is what the floors looked like under the carpet awful
Me sanding the floor.This sander is some kind of heavy and LOUD.I have never done this before.But I will say this was not hard at all.
The above picture is the after.I love it.
This is a picture of the walls before in our bedroom
This is a picture of the progress of the walls being painted.
A big difference we love how it turned out.
This is a picture with the curtains up.And the dresser I got at a thrift store all it needed was a coat of poly.The following pictures of the room .
My husband is making the closet doors.The room still needs decorations on the walls and the closet doors hung.But we are pretty much done.I am happy with the turn out.
Until next time.Judy