Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finished My Penny Rug (Wool Applique)

Okay it did take me sometime to finished my Penny rug Oh and I did find out by searching that this is not a penny rug but more wool applique.Either way it is finished.
All the wool I used what thrift store finds old jackets and skirts.That was fun to find I didn't have as many colors to work with as I wish I did but I will keep searching.Part of the fun right.
Cutting out my pattern I should have kept the basket and the handle all in one part not two.
It would have been a lot better to have had a pattern.I know there is alot of room for improvement but I am still happy with the finished piece
I did get a little better with the beginning and ending stitch.Which I am glad.Corners still do give me some trouble.I do enjoy making the pennies they were fun to make.

All and all this was so fun to make.I know I have alot to learn my stitches are not even and exact.I know there is so much to learn.But I do know I will do this again.I cant wait to make the next one following a pattern and all.
In the mean time I was able to fit in sometime for some thrift store shopping and my this weekend I was able to find some really neat things.Hubby and I went to our local Goodwill on Friday mourning and in a bind on the bottom shelf covered with some papers I found Creative Memories paper punches square circle and heart.I have always wanted them but I didn't want to pay the price that I had seen them on ebay.
I found all five for $5.00 not bad oh yeah.I found more thrift store finds I will be posting more this week.Until then may God keep you and Bless you Judy