Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finished My Penny Rug (Wool Applique)

Okay it did take me sometime to finished my Penny rug Oh and I did find out by searching that this is not a penny rug but more wool applique.Either way it is finished.
All the wool I used what thrift store finds old jackets and skirts.That was fun to find I didn't have as many colors to work with as I wish I did but I will keep searching.Part of the fun right.
Cutting out my pattern I should have kept the basket and the handle all in one part not two.
It would have been a lot better to have had a pattern.I know there is alot of room for improvement but I am still happy with the finished piece
I did get a little better with the beginning and ending stitch.Which I am glad.Corners still do give me some trouble.I do enjoy making the pennies they were fun to make.

All and all this was so fun to make.I know I have alot to learn my stitches are not even and exact.I know there is so much to learn.But I do know I will do this again.I cant wait to make the next one following a pattern and all.
In the mean time I was able to fit in sometime for some thrift store shopping and my this weekend I was able to find some really neat things.Hubby and I went to our local Goodwill on Friday mourning and in a bind on the bottom shelf covered with some papers I found Creative Memories paper punches square circle and heart.I have always wanted them but I didn't want to pay the price that I had seen them on ebay.
I found all five for $5.00 not bad oh yeah.I found more thrift store finds I will be posting more this week.Until then may God keep you and Bless you Judy


  1. Just love your penny rug(wool applique). I can't wait to see what you make next. Good deal on the paper punches.

  2. Hi Judy! I don't know how you found me, but glad you did!

    Your new rug is wonderful, love the colors that you used on it! This is on my project list of things to make. I've dabbled in applique before but nothing like this. I think it's great for your first one!

    I can't believe you found all of those punches for 5 bucks, wow! I sold Creative Memories for 5 years, I know how expensive those babies are! You got an excellent deal, my friend!!

    Thanks for the new friendship! Have a delightful week~

  3. Glad you found me, looks like we have a lot in common as far as decorating. I love to find items and make them over. Good job on the cabinet!
    Good job on the wool rug too! I would like to make one but am allergic to wool. Maybe I'll improvise and make one from felt. It can be called a felt penny! What do you think?
    Country at Heart