Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy day at our home

Today was one of those days it just felt like I had no time to do anything.Everything I did I felt like I was so behind.I felt like I had to rush to accomplish anything.I felt this way almost all day,this afternoon as I was washing dishes  realized just take one thing at a time.That is what i did and I was able to have a very productive day.
Cleaned house went thrifting,(which is so much fun.Will show pictures of what I found.
Cooked dinner has some chicken skinless breast so I made chicken sandwhiches and fries
Did the house budget for this month.I dislike taxes.
Did menu and food list.
Starting out the month feeling like I am on top we shall see.
Thanks for stopping by until next time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thrift Stores Finds From the Weekend

It has been sometime since I have blogged.I have just been busy with the summer gardening family and such.I am back and it is great.I have not been able to go to yard sales or thrift stores due to my crazy life.This weekend it has changed (which is great).
We started out going to our Salvation Army and as soon as we walked in the doors I saw this chest of drawers.The moment was not like Oh My God I have to have it.
It was more of Oh Wow what I can do with it.We checked it out very sturdy all solid wood had not been finished.Just natural wood and the price.
When we were walking in the doors my hubby said furniture is half off.
The chest of drawers has a price of $10.00 so half off I got it for $5.00 pretty good I thought.
Here is a picture of it I will paint it in some kind of primitive style and change the knobs.
I think not to bad for $5.00 with in the next weeks I hope to post pictures of a finished project.
We paid for this and kept looking around and found some other things

Found a box of 3 ceramic jack o lanterns $1.00 just something to add to the Autumn decor cute and at the right price.The red step stool was 50 cents solid wood little sanding and some stain will fit right in.The metal candle holders just has to buy both were 50 cent a pieces and you can never go wrong with metal.I also found two rubber stamps.One is from Hero Arts and says THANKS with 2 teddy bears the second one is from Rubber Stampede and is of a feather.Both were 25 cents a pieces great.
I also found two great perfume boxes.I have a thing for boxes I am not sure what that says about me but I have wooden ones paper ,metal all kinds.Anyway the two I found I first thought were old pill boxes but they were not.The green one is Avon Regence perfume Glace.I just loved the green and gold $1.50 not bad.Next was a Rose cross style box I love cross stitch.Also Avon Rapture paid $1.00.
I am going to take out the perfume and just keep them as boxes.Display the in my bedroom.After we were done there we headed over to the Opportunity Shoppe And we didn't find much

Found this I am going to call it fabric but it is I think a table cloth or something.I will cut it up and make some thing new.The price $1.00.Not bad.
It was a fun Saturday everything I bought I will use in my home.Until next time may your heart be blessed.