Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Wonderful Sunday

Hi everyone..
 I hope everyone had a great weekend.I spent this weekend with my hubby and that was great.We most of the time don't get to spend the weekend together busy life gets in the way.Friday night he ask me honey what would you like to do this weekend I seemed to be thinking but I did know right away I would like to go to thrift store, craft stores it did not matter I choose thrift stores.He said okay.Saturday started off alittle slow our youngest daughter asked if we could take her to work so my husband took her to work around 10:oo so not a early start like I planned thats okay.As soon as he got back we left.We have two towns south and north of us with great thrift stores most of the time we go to the one that is closest to us about 5 miles south.This day hubby asked why dont we go up north the thrift store up that way is about 15 miles from us I kinda heistated due to the crazy price of gas.But this day I said sure.
The trip up we talked not about anything important just talk hubby was the one who was talking or should I say he started the conversation which is not the norm it is me who is talking and he either says yes, no, or I don't know not this time and we both enjoyed our time together.
I am glad we went up north this time found lots of great thrift store finds
Found some scrapbook items Martha Stewart halloween around the page punches,fiskars punch Christmas,clear stamps and card stock.

I found somethings I can do makeovers on which is great.The lamp I am not going to do anything to just add a nice primitive lamp shade.The little grater I will just add to a gathering.The bowls I am going to sand and paint them and stain them we will see.The cutting board I will sand and beat up stains or paint it we will see.I will show pictures with the makeovers in the future.
Sunday was a day of taking our time not really doing anything.Cleaned the house it was kinda nice here went outside raked acouple of my flower beds it is amazing of how many leaves, sticks, trash gets in the beds over winter.
Came in made dinner chicken and homemade egg noodles dinner was so good.
Great weekend in our home I hope everyone had one too.Until next time may the Lord bless and keep you.