Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What do you do between Christmas and New Years ?

I am so glad you stopped by today.I hope you had a wonderful Christmas our family was so blessed to spend time together and celebrate Christmas together.
I do have a funny story to tell this year our Christmas was wonderful our family was able to be together and celebrate Jesus birth.Our daughter who live away was able to come home.
Her boyfriend came down on Christmas to spend Christmas with us.It was a wonderful day.We opened present spent time with family and friends,played game,and watched football.It was a fun filled day.
We got a call from m y sister Tammy late Christmas day letting us know we were expecting a major blizzard we knew nothing about it.She said 8 to 12".I was so hoping she was wrong.
We went to bed all was great in our slumber,I woke at 3:30 looked out the window and saw no snow I was yes big sister is wrong.Went back to bed until 6:30 and at this time I was wakened by our daughter who made the track home to a scream.
I went down stairs with her she was scared the Christmas Tree fell down crash boom and a very large bang.
I for a moment was not for sure what I was looking at.But as soon as my eyes focused I knew.
All the ornaments that I have collected for over 28 years are now broken.
I went back upstairs I got my robe and slippers cause I knew glass was everywhere.So DD her boyfriend my DH and myself started picking up the mess.Out of all this mess only 3 ornament were broken.
So this Christmas I took my tree down day after Christma.I have never done that before.Could not figure why it feel.I just hope this never happens again.

Now back to my question what do you do between Christmas and New Years.I know alot of people are on vacation,spending time with family for the entire week.Just different things.
For me it has always been organizing things in my house that I let go.
Today I organized my desk no pictures but my gosh it was a mess.I started about 6:30 am this mourning and finished about 10:00.
And then I looked at my coupon binder and this was a true mess
In this are full coupons pages never been cut ,expired coupons.It is just a mess.So I decided it was time to fix this mess.
Before Christmas no I would say before Thanksgiving I was doing so well using coupons with the sell paper to save a lot of money.And I need to start this again and live by it.I had a small pantry that did help with the Holidays which came in handy.
This is in progress of being organized major work in progress I will pot pictures of the finished binder.
All through this year I will be posting my food budget what I bought,what I spent and what I saved.
I am not a coupon Queen,I do not spend hours of my week clipping and trying to find the best deal I do have a web site I do love which is http://www.afullcup.com/ I thinks this site is a super place.If you do Rite Aid ,Walgeens or what ever..I am just a regular person trying to do the best with what I have.Making major mistakes and mishaps and sometimes making a score.I hope you like what you read.If you don't that's okay also.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What have you done today

I woke up early can we say 4:00 but I did not jimp out of bed I laid watching M.A.S.H.This is my sons and mine favorite tv show.Got out of bed after drinking a nice cup of coffe with my hubby.
Knew we had a lot to do so we both wanted to start early.
Got up cleaned the house washed clothes hung them out to freeze.ha ha
Hubby and I went to buy cookie ingredents had to shop at super fresh and super walmart.Came home and then we had to hang Christmas lights we had fun hubby me DD # 1 and our son decorated the font porch.
We laughed and jokes around.You know at the same time we were hanging Christmas lights the towns Christmas parade was going on.So fun hanging the lights and having the band playing Christmas tunes.
Came in made some coffee all sat around the table talking and warming up.
We stared making cookies we made oatmeal raisins and chocolate thumbprints and we also made chex mix.So much fun
Made some shrimp linguine for dinner
Came in after taking along hot bath and stared watching It's A Wonderful life oh and by the way the greatest movie ever made for Christmas
Thinking about our life our family and money.
I will change our money situation and I will make it better.
When I start this will be January 1 2011 it will be a life change for our family in the right direction.
I hope the New Year brings you change of greatness
Love Judy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time to think

You know I have thought alot lately.About where I am, what I am doing and the big one WHY.I guess my brothers death has got me to thinking.I am sure that is normal.But i really would like a change.
Not to change me in the way I walk or talk ( I do talk with a Southern twang) not the way I treat people,not the way I love.I would like to change the things I put off for another day.I will do that next week or net year or how about this you wake up and you have not done nothing you have put off.
I have never been one to walk away from a problem no matter how big or small.I just dive in and I do follow through.
I just want to take the things I would like to do or the thoughts I may have and see what would happen if I would take the next step and see what would happen.
So for me things I would like to see what is
Dealing with my family's money I would like to be better Stewart's.
I want to have a hefty savings I am 4* something and I am so bad at this.
I would like to have a will I know bad bad bad but I don't
I would like having my money working for me
I would like to have a Christmas and not have the worries you know how can we do????
So I guess I am at were Dave Ramsey says you have to be before you change I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED
So I am ready for a change
Not just money but relationships okay that is another post.
But I have done a major check on Judy and I am ready for a change.
I know most people do this at the beginning of the year but really does  it matter when, as long at sometime in your life you get it and I can say I GOT IT.
I am ready for a change and I am gonna do it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To my big brother

This post is dedicated to my big brother Gwen.He passed away 11-21-10 at 7:00 am.He was a wonderful big brother,quit man and so sure in what he did have to say.He was a big brother of 8 brothers and sisters.He was a husband to a lovely woman who was waiting for him in heaven.He was a Dad to some very wonderful children.He was a son to a Mother and Dad also waiting for him in heaven.He was a friend to many and a enemy to few.He was the oldest and I the youngest in our family he taught me so much.He taught me what a persons word means no matter what,he taught me do the very best at what ever you do he taught me so many things.Big brother I love and I will miss you everyday.I hope when my time comes that you Mom and Dad will be waiting for me in heaven.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It has been a long time between blog post.

I have been so busy around the home.I have been decorating for fall.I did finish the small dresser I got from Salvation army.I will post some pictures of thing I have finished.
I have found a new way for our family to save even more more money on food.I found this site the other day after searching the web about coupons www.afullcup.com this site is awesome place to find coupons and stores with deals.One example I found this week is at Rite Aid in Sundays paper I found $1.00 off Gain dish soap and Rite Aid had it on sale for 0.80 cents so I went and got 8 and all I had to pay was the sales tax which was 0.06 on each bottle so I ended up paying 0.48 cents for 8 bottles.I think this was a great deal.
Today I went to Food Lion and they have Ronzoni Garden Delight spaghetti on sale 5 for $5.00 but they also had a blinkie with coupon $1.00 off each box so I got 5  for nothing out of pocket great deal.
I have just started out learning and trying to build a stock pile.I am learning alot and it is kinda slow going but when I do find good deals it is so much fun.
Thanks for stopping by have a great day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Thoughts and Ideas

Things have been going along in our home.I have been painting and sewing some fall decor.I will post some pictures.Some of the things I have made is I took a old metal try and painted a witch on it flying.I had some circle boxes and painted them Happy Harvest.I sewed some pumpkins primitive style.I have had and still do a crafting fever.It has been fun.
I brought out all of my Halloween decorations over this last weekend and put all of it up.It took all day Saturday.Everything looks nice.
Watched a lot of football Sunday I guess I may be a strange one I LOVE NFL FOOTBALL.
My husband is a Redskins fan,my son is a Jets fan,My daughter is a Panthers fan,my other daughter is a titan fan,my last daughter is a Steelers fan,and I am a Vikings /Lions fan.Tell me our family is all mixed up we do have a lot of fun with it though.
On the frugal homekeeping front I started selling back on eBay first week back made about $225.00 after eBay and pay pal fees.I had come across some AD&D very cheap,also some older fisher price little people and a original My Buddy doll the doll was almost perfect.
This week I found a Singer Knitting machine for $3.00 and now that is listed.We will see what that sells for.
The home budget could always have improvement I am constantly working on this.I feel OK with it right now.One thing I am doing is I put all my pennies in a small bowl and when it looks like I have 50 pennies I go ahead and roll them,that way I am not sitting down with a mountain of pennies and thinking of anything else I could be doing than rolling pennies.It has been working for me pretty good.
Went ahead today and got our oil tank topped off not bad only 82 gallons.Now we will see how long we can go before we have to cut the heater on I am hoping for October 15th we shall see.The weather around here has been very cool at night and in the high 70s to low 80s.Very nice weather.I will not complain after the summer we had.the heat was out of this world.
Tomorrow for dinner a recipe I got from taste of Home years ago beer beef stew and dinner rolls it is so good.
Until next time may the Lord keep you and bless you.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy day at our home

Today was one of those days it just felt like I had no time to do anything.Everything I did I felt like I was so behind.I felt like I had to rush to accomplish anything.I felt this way almost all day,this afternoon as I was washing dishes  realized just take one thing at a time.That is what i did and I was able to have a very productive day.
Cleaned house went thrifting,(which is so much fun.Will show pictures of what I found.
Cooked dinner has some chicken skinless breast so I made chicken sandwhiches and fries
Did the house budget for this month.I dislike taxes.
Did menu and food list.
Starting out the month feeling like I am on top we shall see.
Thanks for stopping by until next time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thrift Stores Finds From the Weekend

It has been sometime since I have blogged.I have just been busy with the summer gardening family and such.I am back and it is great.I have not been able to go to yard sales or thrift stores due to my crazy life.This weekend it has changed (which is great).
We started out going to our Salvation Army and as soon as we walked in the doors I saw this chest of drawers.The moment was not like Oh My God I have to have it.
It was more of Oh Wow what I can do with it.We checked it out very sturdy all solid wood had not been finished.Just natural wood and the price.
When we were walking in the doors my hubby said furniture is half off.
The chest of drawers has a price of $10.00 so half off I got it for $5.00 pretty good I thought.
Here is a picture of it I will paint it in some kind of primitive style and change the knobs.
I think not to bad for $5.00 with in the next weeks I hope to post pictures of a finished project.
We paid for this and kept looking around and found some other things

Found a box of 3 ceramic jack o lanterns $1.00 just something to add to the Autumn decor cute and at the right price.The red step stool was 50 cents solid wood little sanding and some stain will fit right in.The metal candle holders just has to buy both were 50 cent a pieces and you can never go wrong with metal.I also found two rubber stamps.One is from Hero Arts and says THANKS with 2 teddy bears the second one is from Rubber Stampede and is of a feather.Both were 25 cents a pieces great.
I also found two great perfume boxes.I have a thing for boxes I am not sure what that says about me but I have wooden ones paper ,metal all kinds.Anyway the two I found I first thought were old pill boxes but they were not.The green one is Avon Regence perfume Glace.I just loved the green and gold $1.50 not bad.Next was a Rose cross style box I love cross stitch.Also Avon Rapture paid $1.00.
I am going to take out the perfume and just keep them as boxes.Display the in my bedroom.After we were done there we headed over to the Opportunity Shoppe And we didn't find much

Found this I am going to call it fabric but it is I think a table cloth or something.I will cut it up and make some thing new.The price $1.00.Not bad.
It was a fun Saturday everything I bought I will use in my home.Until next time may your heart be blessed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Around my home today.Lotsa of fun

Today was a rare day in our home.You see we have four grown children and our time together is rare so many of us going in different directions.Today was not planned it just happened all four of children came home today and we had dinner together we were able to spend this time together just having fun laughing ,joking it was such a wonderful day.It was not hootie tootie it was not planned we had hamburgers and fries we sat around the table talked about when they were little talked about what was going on now in all of our lives.
After dinner we played family game and just laughed and had fun this day was priceless those days you look back on while you are doing something days or months later and just get a smirk on you face and you wish you had more.But you know if you did in some way the day may not be so wonderful so special.
I hope all of you had a wonderful day.
I did not do any creating .But I did get my cricut cartridge from ebay from proudparent,I have to say super fast shipping product just as described in auction they had great emails to let me know what was going on.
I was not able to play with the cartridge but I did open it and check and make sure ever thing worked.
Well that is it for today I hope your day was wonderful until next time Judy

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Around my home today

Today around the home was quiet you know as I have got alittle older I do like the quietness Time to think and ponder and just take the day and make it the most.Not the constant running to do this or that.Time to think and plan what is best for you and your family.I love those days.
I woke up super early for me again 5:00 am and laid and just listen, and you know that early so much of nature is going on.As I lay I here the house make the soft sound of settling the wind gentle blowing watching the curtains blow so softly in and out,The sound of my husbands breath in and out and just with that sound I know all is right with the world.The sun is peaking through and this entire time the bird have such a song to sing it was like the backdrop to my morning such a wonderful start of my day.
In the house today I washed cloth hung on the line cleaned the house did alittle books for the home budget.I got all of my home keeping work done and then I was able to sneak away and do some creating it was a good day.I did receive today from the seller on ebay about my cricut that my cartridge has been shipped so we will see.Today I was able to do some scrap booking here is what I created

This is a 4th of July page I did of our children last 4th of July 2009 I use card stock and Martha Stewart punch to make the boarder sewed and made a banner it was fun.

This is hubby and I,It was so fun to make and looking back on the year and to see how much the family has grown and changed.Changed for the better.God has blessed my family so much and I thank the Lord for everything.
I hope to be able to share more in the future.Thanks for stopping by until next time Judy.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have you ever bought a cricut cartridge off ebay?

Have you ever bought a cricut cartridge off ebay?I have in the past and I did today.I have purchased from ebay lots of time I have pretty good luck buying crafts I have bought from ohmycrafts in the past and they shipped fast great product.Today I bought another cricut cartridge off ebay Just Because cards cricut cartridge from proudparents2005 for $24.99 no shipping charges hey I think pretty good.Paid as soon as the auction ended.So now it is a wait and see how long will it take before they ship?And will it arrive in one piece I hope so.I will let you know.
Today was so pretty warm but in no way hot could go outside and not feel like you were going to pass out from the heat.Clouds big fat the kind when you were a kid you would lay on your back in the middle of the yard and try to see what animal you could see.
I made chicken and homemade egg noodles for dinner cheap but good.
Spent time with my husband and my son we had fun.
looked around found some great blogs
Had a great day.I hope you did until nest time best wishes Judy

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today was such a wonderful day

Do you ever have one of those days.You wake up and all is right with the world in your mind.I woke up early again 5:00 am and I laid listening to the birds, breathing in the crisp air,I know it is August but last night here in Delaware we went down to 63 degrees.It was such a peaceful time I pondered so many things and I felt so blessed.I got up out of bed and started my day.It was a day of just quiet and peaceful a very rare day around hear.So I did take the time and enjoyed it took a walk was outside most of the day.God knew I needed this day and it was wonderful .How about you do you every have one of those days?
Around the home today I had a lot of clothes to wash I did some and just a minor day of cleaning I just like enjoying this day of seeing what was around me.
I did no crafting but I did see such a pretty page of remembering that i am going to do of my Mom and brother and sister whom we have lost.
i do hope to share
Until next time Judy

Friday, July 30, 2010

Around our home today

Woke up early 5:00 am ok that is even early for me.Drank coffee and poked around on the computer.
Had to get ready for the day.So I started out with cleaning out the fridge and cupboards.Going through and checking for expired food.Straighten up it is amazing how messy things can get.
Washed all the dirty dishes.
Had to start meal planning with that I looked at all the sale papers to look and see the loss lender items for sale this week.
Went through my coupon and stared making my meal plan.
I think i did good I know I am not a black belt saver and coupon er yet but I am slowly getting it.i would say it is a work in progress.
My meal plan for this week.
I only list my meals for dinner due to our breakfast and lunch is pretty basic no frills eggs,biscuits,bologna sandwich.
Friday dinner Bar B Que chicken
corn on the cob from the garden
sliced tomato and cukes also from the garden
Saturday BLTs
pasta salad all veggies from garden
Sunday Chicken and dumplings
sliced cukes and tomatoe
Monday always Taco night

Tuesday Jambalaya and biscuits
Wednesday Hamburgers and french fries
Thursday Pork chops
green beans and home made mac and cheese
So we started out to Super Fresh spent $80.44 after bonus card and coupons ending total $42.10 almost half in saving.
Next we went to Giant spent total $64.96 after bonus card and coupons total $31.64
Next we went to walmart $!07.47 only saved $1.05 not much but hey it was something.
I think I am getting better and I know it can only go up from here.
Today was a good day.On Saturday will be going to some yard sales and thrift store looking.
I hope everyone one has a wonderful weekend Thanks for stopping by Judy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Around my home today

Was not able to do any crafting or creating today.Had alot of cleaning and books for the house to take care of today.Woke up early and thought I would get done early to do some creating but that didnt happen.
I started with the kitchen deep cleaning,then onto folding a couple baskets of clothes.Could not hang out any clothes on the clothes line do to storms coming through all day.
Then being the end of the month I had to do the home books getting everything together and writing out a budget.This took some time had some extras this month.Still have to meal plan and on Friday I will do the food shop.
I hope this weekend to get some creating done.I like to go to some yard sales,thrift stores.We will see.And hope to be posting some pictures of what I am doing and or creating.
Have a wonderful night until next time Judy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey and Welcome to my new blog.

I hope you enjoy my blog.I am brand new to the blogging world so please bare with me.I like to have a place to post my thought and ideas and have fun doing so.
A little about what I do I am a wife and Mother of 4 grown children.I have been married for 27 years to a wonderful man.
I have been scrap booking for about 7 years and I really do enjoy that.I also like primitive home decor love it.I like taking old pieces of furniture and turning them into something new.One thing I did in my home was.I found a bed at out local Salvation Army solid wood stained I bought it for $5.00 brought it home and sanded it down painted it black distressed it and now it is in our bedroom looks pretty good.Hope to post some pictures soon.
Thanks for stopping by Judy