Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have you ever bought a cricut cartridge off ebay?

Have you ever bought a cricut cartridge off ebay?I have in the past and I did today.I have purchased from ebay lots of time I have pretty good luck buying crafts I have bought from ohmycrafts in the past and they shipped fast great product.Today I bought another cricut cartridge off ebay Just Because cards cricut cartridge from proudparents2005 for $24.99 no shipping charges hey I think pretty good.Paid as soon as the auction ended.So now it is a wait and see how long will it take before they ship?And will it arrive in one piece I hope so.I will let you know.
Today was so pretty warm but in no way hot could go outside and not feel like you were going to pass out from the heat.Clouds big fat the kind when you were a kid you would lay on your back in the middle of the yard and try to see what animal you could see.
I made chicken and homemade egg noodles for dinner cheap but good.
Spent time with my husband and my son we had fun.
looked around found some great blogs
Had a great day.I hope you did until nest time best wishes Judy

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