Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today was such a wonderful day

Do you ever have one of those days.You wake up and all is right with the world in your mind.I woke up early again 5:00 am and I laid listening to the birds, breathing in the crisp air,I know it is August but last night here in Delaware we went down to 63 degrees.It was such a peaceful time I pondered so many things and I felt so blessed.I got up out of bed and started my day.It was a day of just quiet and peaceful a very rare day around hear.So I did take the time and enjoyed it took a walk was outside most of the day.God knew I needed this day and it was wonderful .How about you do you every have one of those days?
Around the home today I had a lot of clothes to wash I did some and just a minor day of cleaning I just like enjoying this day of seeing what was around me.
I did no crafting but I did see such a pretty page of remembering that i am going to do of my Mom and brother and sister whom we have lost.
i do hope to share
Until next time Judy

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