Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Primitive Gathering Pictures and a Felt Bird Pinkeep

I have been busy moving things around in my dinning room.Trying new displays getting out some of the thrift store treasures I have found.It always seems like I am moving something somewhere.I do enjoy changing thing in and out I have found out I love stoneware bowls,jugs,and crocks.This first picture in a display on top of my china cabinet
I love the stoneware moon shine jugs the browns and creams I got the from auctions and thrift store.When I got the shelf in the back is was covered in children's stickers paid I think 25 or 50 cents cleaned it up and painted white stained it.I do like how it turned out
The next picture is on top of my hutch

This display is some of my favorite things I love the old stoneware bowls they just make me think of my mom making biscuits on a Sunday morning and the wonderful smells I would smell when I came home from school.
The wooden shelf in the back I did replace the back due to it was in such bad condition I still love it.I think at one time it was a soda bottle carries of some sort.

This is also on my hutch the blue and white bowl in the middle my mother in law bought this for me one Christmas the two brown bowls I got at a auction years ago for $10.00 for both I do love the color.The ice tongs are a touch from my Darling hubby not for sure if they are going to stay there.

This display is on our buffet I love old or new boxes I don't know why.The wood bowls is something I have tried to paint to look primitive until I come across the bowls I can afford.The swan I just got this past weekend at the Goodwill for $6.00 I really like it.And yes more bowls.

Last but not least is a display on top a cabinet my Darling hubby made me.The brown pitcher is one of my favorites.
Just a small tour around to the displays in my dinning room of some of my favorite things.
I also have been working on some of the crafts I have around in my craft room.I pick so many things up at thrift stores and yard sales that I can say I do forget some of the things I have.I have been buying a lot of old wool skirts,jackets and what ever to make penny rugs or wool appliques.I had a pattern for a bird so I thought a wool bird pin keep on a old wood spool.Don't thinks it is to bad for my first try.You gotta know I have never been a person who stitches anything.I mean I can sew on a button fix a hem but to make anything with a stitch I have never done so.So since the first of the year I have been trying to step outside my box and try new craft things.

Until next time May the Good Lord keep and Bless you Judy