Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress on my Penny rug and a Primitive Makeover

I have been so busy this week.It seems everyone in our house had a Doctor's appointment.First our son wakes up Monday morning and he was saying how he felt so much better.He had been fighting a major head cold.But this day he said he felt better as we are sitting and talking I notice his neck on his left side his neck was swollen it looked like a perfect egg under his skin.So off to the Doctors.Come to find out he had a ear infection.Tuesday comes and our youngest daughter has a Doctor appointment so she asked me if I would go with her and I said sure she a good check up and all is well.Then on Thursday my husband has a regular doctors appointment.
A fun fill week.Little busy so that is why I am delayed with the pictures of the progress of my first penny rug.
I got both of the baskets stitched the first one I see so many mistakes.The second one I still see mistakes but I do see the stitch is getting a little better.

I know I have so far to go.Since I have started this I have been looking at penny rugs on different blogs.Such pretty work.It seems like I am doing everything wrong.But I will finish it.And I will be proud of it.I think...I hope..I guess I will see.Next is to stitch the penny flower and stitch the stems.I will post the pictures as I make progress.
Do you remember the 80's particular the country decoration the blue color that seemed to be on anything.Furniture,trim rugs,Just about anything.I had this piece that was blue and stain wood I use it for a spice cabinet.So yesterday night I decided to change it to more primitive color.
Below is the before oh my
This piece has strong bones I got this from a auction for $4.00 so I said why not.But it needed such a change and that is my new project.

The drawers are great for storage kitchen towels,table cloths,just about anything.

Has a shelf great for herbs and spices oils and vinagers.I am changing the look of this pieces all together.Also in this process I also went through my spices and herbs the old ones I tossed.It has been a fun filled weekend so far.I hope that Sunday does work out that I can post more pictures of progress of the penny rug and also the spice cabinet makeover.
Until nest time may the Lord keep you and bless you Judy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pictures of My First Penny Rug and Trash to Treasure

I have always liked penny rugs.I would see them in magazines,country books of homes,and a couple times I have been at auctions and have seen them go for lots of money.
I have always loved the look.
So I had the idea of trying to make one not the traditional one of pennies sewen together which I also would like to make.My first penny rug is Basket Of Pennies.
I have to say taking my time really makes a difference.When I started out stitching,I found stitching the pennies were alot easier than stitching onto the rug.I hope that makes since.I started out on the pennies and was like oh yes.But when I moved to the rug it self and tried to make my first stitch on the basket it was as if my brain was not working I had what my children say is a brain fart.I attempted this many times at lest 10 times starting my stitch and not having a blanket stitch.So I took 2 pieces of scrap pieces of felt and just tried different stitches that my Mother had showed me many years ago.And it happened I mad my first blanket stitch I was tickled.
I know this is not good at all but I am glad I figured this out.I did feel more comfortable the more I stitch.The first stitch and ending stitch and corners need lots of work.That's okay I know I am learning and I know it will be filled with lots and lots of mistakes.But isn't that when anything you do.The first time you make something new is always filled with so many learning lessons.And you always get better.Or at least I hope I do.
Tonight I will finish this basket and move onto the next one.I know it will get better.
I have had sometime to paint I went to my local Goodwill and found this little stool I paid $2.00 and yes I forgot to take the before picture but I did remember to take some after pictures.This was so fun to paint it only took about a day of sitting in my craft room and having fun.
I sanded the stool and then painted it a timberline green painted the birds from a book I have
sanded the edges stained it and put a finish.I love how it turned out.
This was fun trash to my treasure.Until next time May God keep and Bless you Judy

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I decided to make a penny rug OH MY I don't know what I am doing

Okay since the beginning of the years,I said I was going to try new things in my crafts.I have always painted,scrapbooked,to me just the basics.
I challenged myself.My first thought was a penny rug.
Why not?
I have been collecting wool pre used wool old coats,skirts whatever I could find cheap.Washing it in hot water doing the whole deal.
So Saturday I woke up and I started thinking and trying to design a pattern all my own.
Tonight is Sunday I have the base black I drew 2 pitiful baskets to place on both ends.My other thought to to place some penny flowers and stitch the stems.
This is my first attempt so please be as kind as you can.
This is me teaching myself.I looked around to get the understanding of how to treat the fabric.But that is just about it.
I am having major trouble with corners.I don't like how they look.
Also when you run out of thread how to stop that stitch and how to start a new stitch.Help
I will post pictures on Monday of..... What I have done
Until next time may God bless you and keep you.Judy