Sunday, January 30, 2011

I decided to make a penny rug OH MY I don't know what I am doing

Okay since the beginning of the years,I said I was going to try new things in my crafts.I have always painted,scrapbooked,to me just the basics.
I challenged myself.My first thought was a penny rug.
Why not?
I have been collecting wool pre used wool old coats,skirts whatever I could find cheap.Washing it in hot water doing the whole deal.
So Saturday I woke up and I started thinking and trying to design a pattern all my own.
Tonight is Sunday I have the base black I drew 2 pitiful baskets to place on both ends.My other thought to to place some penny flowers and stitch the stems.
This is my first attempt so please be as kind as you can.
This is me teaching myself.I looked around to get the understanding of how to treat the fabric.But that is just about it.
I am having major trouble with corners.I don't like how they look.
Also when you run out of thread how to stop that stitch and how to start a new stitch.Help
I will post pictures on Monday of..... What I have done
Until next time may God bless you and keep you.Judy

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