Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinterest Recipes Dinner Was So Good

    I made the crock pot pulled pork that I found on Pinterest.It turned out so good.Easy to make put it in the crock pot and let cook.I also made a hamburger bun I found on Pinterest it was one of the easiest bread recipes I have made.Put everything in a stand mixer and the mixer does the work.I do have to work on portion for each bun.The pulled pork recipe is from Visit 
The burger bun recipe is from  Visit  

This is a picture of the buns right before I put them in the oven.This recipe makes eight.

This is when the buns came out of the oven.They smelled so good.Between the smell of the baking bread and the pork cooking in the crock pot the whole house smelled so good.

   And this is dinner tonight pulled pork mac and cheese and broccoli.After today I don't feel like I am stuck in a rut when it comes to dinner.Thinking already of how I can tweak dinner tomorrows.
            That's all for me tonight.I hope your day and your dinner was great.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Starting the New Year off

          For me the start of the New Year has been great.It has been a little busy packing up Christmas taking down the outside Christmas lights and decorations.I do enjoy decorating for the holidays,but packing it all back up seems to take more time and is not a joyful task.I am glad to have that done.

         Also have been working on a budget I would like this year to have three credit cards paid off.We have been using the Dave Ramsey envelope system and it has been working great for us.Before when we just used our debit card we did not pay as much of attention to the balance as we should.Now with the envelope system when the money is gone it is gone.Which for me using cash I do think of each purchase more than just running the debit card.

        Have also been working on the weekly menu and trying to find new things to eat I feel like I have been in a rut.I feel like every week I make the same old thing.I have been looking around on pinterest and have found some very interesting things.I have been looking for new recipes that don't cost a arm and a leg to make.For tomorrow night dinner I am going to make crock pot pulled pork and I will also be making homemade sandwich buns for the pulled pork.I hope they turn out.I will let you know.This will be a true joy to make.

     It has been some kind of cold here today the high was 15  and tonight and last night the low was 7 .Not as bad as I have been seeing on TV for some of our wonderful friends up north.For our area this is pretty rare.I cant believe it but this weekend we will be back in the 50's huge  swing in temperature.I cant wait until this weekend.For me this is all for tonight.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 Resolutions,and Menu Plan for the week

Happy New Year 2014

   This year 2013 was better for my family and me than 2012 so I am hoping 2014 is better than the year past.I sit here the last few hours and think of the year that was.
   2013 was good, no one that I love and hold close left this world.My family had there health.We all did so good.No scares, no sickness.God blessed me in many,many ways large and small.

   My New Years resolutions for 2014 are small and simple things that I think I can obtain,or at least I hope I can.
  1.) To be more organized I mean I am not so disorganized that I don't know where my socks and underpants are... but I do need help in this area.

 2.) To be better stewards of our money.To save more and be more conscious of our purchase.

 3.) My relationship with my husband.Our children are all grown and it seems sometimes we have less time together than when our children were small.So many things we both allow to take our time away.This is something I really have to change.

  4.) And it is real simple, but to make Judy a little better this year than the last year.For me my number one thing is to have more patients.

   I hope for each and everyone that the year 2014 is your very best.That God blesses you and keeps you.

                                       Menu Plan for the week

  Monday yes I know has pasted  Pork Lion Green beans cheddar noodles

  Tuesday Spaghetti salad and bread

   Wednesday Fried Chicken mac and cheese greens
  Thursday  Beans oven fry potatoes cornbread and cucumber salad

  Friday  Tacos

  Saturday Grilled ham and cheese jalapeno sandwiches homemade potato soup

   Sunday    Chicken and dumplings

        That's all for me for tonight Happy New Year