Monday, March 7, 2011

My Auction Adventure Won a Couple Primitive items so fun

This past weekend Dh,DD and myself went to a local auction.We had so much fun.With this auction on the Friday before you are allowed to preveiw the items which is so great.So Friday hubby and I went to look at the items so many great things.I saw so many things I would love to have but I thought if I went to the auction with out a plan I would buy things I really didnt need or pay to much.So I saw a couple things and I set a price that I would like to pay.First was what i think is a Firkin not for sure the auction guy called it a mince meat pot?I loved the wood size I just loved this pieces so I set a price of $25.00
The Firkin is about 6" tall so pretty.
The bidding started and it was between two ladies $5.00,$6.00,$7.00 and then one lady dropped out and then I jumped in $8.00 to me back to her $9.00 and so on and at the end I won and I paid $22.00.So what ever it may be I think not a bad price and I love it.So I am happy.At this same auction I also won a wooden advertizing box so cool.
This wood box i am thinks of a great to hold books or maybe some flowers with a light in the center I dont know right now I just liked it so much I paid $8.00.
One thing I noticed while at the auction people were leaving so many things.My husband was standing at a table and this gentleman had one a very large box lot and was getting ready to leave and my husband stopped him to let him know he forgot something he said he didnt wont it.That my husband could have it if.So my husband asked me if I liked it and I said yes what did you pay and he said nothing.This is what the gentleman left

Not bad for free.I have to say we all had great fun.My daughter found somethings also she likes the Shabby chic style.What a great Saturday morning.If you know what the wooden bucket is if you dont mind please let me know.Until next time.May the Lord bless and keep you.Judy