Thursday, July 29, 2010

Around my home today

Was not able to do any crafting or creating today.Had alot of cleaning and books for the house to take care of today.Woke up early and thought I would get done early to do some creating but that didnt happen.
I started with the kitchen deep cleaning,then onto folding a couple baskets of clothes.Could not hang out any clothes on the clothes line do to storms coming through all day.
Then being the end of the month I had to do the home books getting everything together and writing out a budget.This took some time had some extras this month.Still have to meal plan and on Friday I will do the food shop.
I hope this weekend to get some creating done.I like to go to some yard sales,thrift stores.We will see.And hope to be posting some pictures of what I am doing and or creating.
Have a wonderful night until next time Judy

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