Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time to think

You know I have thought alot lately.About where I am, what I am doing and the big one WHY.I guess my brothers death has got me to thinking.I am sure that is normal.But i really would like a change.
Not to change me in the way I walk or talk ( I do talk with a Southern twang) not the way I treat people,not the way I love.I would like to change the things I put off for another day.I will do that next week or net year or how about this you wake up and you have not done nothing you have put off.
I have never been one to walk away from a problem no matter how big or small.I just dive in and I do follow through.
I just want to take the things I would like to do or the thoughts I may have and see what would happen if I would take the next step and see what would happen.
So for me things I would like to see what is
Dealing with my family's money I would like to be better Stewart's.
I want to have a hefty savings I am 4* something and I am so bad at this.
I would like to have a will I know bad bad bad but I don't
I would like having my money working for me
I would like to have a Christmas and not have the worries you know how can we do????
So I guess I am at were Dave Ramsey says you have to be before you change I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED
So I am ready for a change
Not just money but relationships okay that is another post.
But I have done a major check on Judy and I am ready for a change.
I know most people do this at the beginning of the year but really does  it matter when, as long at sometime in your life you get it and I can say I GOT IT.
I am ready for a change and I am gonna do it.

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