Friday, December 2, 2011

Feather tree in progress

Hi Everyone I hope this day was good for each and everyone of you.It was a wonderful day for me and hubby.Went to thrift stores and did some food shop.After all the running we came and did alittle Christmas decorating.Hubby was working on outside lights and I was working on my new feather tree I got at the auction a couple weeks ago.
 The ornaments I know I need to get some more but this is what I have right now.I decided to put some old toys under the tree.
I know I will tweak this so much but I could not wait to show my feather tree.I have always wanted one and I am so happy to have one.I think I will do some shopping on ebay for some more decorations for this sparse tree.I hope the Lord keeps you and bless you Judy

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Judy. I just love your feather tree. I have always wanted one, but they are hard to find. Sounds like you and hubby had a great day.
    It is so nice to spend time together doing fun things. Good luck on getting some neat ornaments for the tree. Some old fashioned homemade ones would be nice.
    Have a great day
    Country at heart