Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Out My Back Door

Spring out my back door.... I can say as of today I have cleaned out all the flower beds.And I have raked my entire yard.Oh My God.It seems it has taken me forever.But I look at the yard now and I say to myself it was worth it.
This bed was covered with leaves lots and lots of leaves.I love the little concrete lamb I bought this sometime ago at a auction.So cute he is ready for Easter.
I love seeing the new growth.For me I love spring and summer it is like a new beginning with everything so new and alive.I can't hardly wait until the beds are filled with flowers,bees, and butterflies and birds singing.,
My creeping phlox is the only thing in bloom right now. The Azalea is getting ready to bloom it should be bloomed by Easter.I hope you enjoy the peek out my backdoor.Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.


  1. Judy, You did a nice job on decorating your garden. I wish you could come and make mine look that good. I too love spring with all the flowers blooming and everything greening up. Makes me feel refreshed after winter.
    Country at heart

  2. Thanks Tamera,You are so sweet.

  3. Wow, you are way ahead of us. You have a ton of day-lilies. I love working in my yard, but it is just too cold!