Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pictures of what I have been doing yard and Garden

Good Thursday night to everyone.I cant believe Friday is almost here.I have had a busy week.Trying to get mulch and straw down.And I can finally say we are done.Thank the Lord.You know when I was younger it seemed to me I could do things a lot faster.Oh well slow and steady wins the race.I tell my self.
This picture is of the entrance to our yard I love the red mulch, and all of my flower beds are done that way.
Most of the flowers you see in this pictures was either given to me or found,or just a surprise just came up.Laying all this mulch really took its toll on my back but I am so happy it is done.
This bed is new this year the plants were there but it was not framed in or mulched.This bed is long runs down our west side of our yards,The dirt patches you see we have sprayed to get rid of creeping charlie and we will be planting grass seed.
This picture is of our garden after newspaper and straw was laid.Oh my Gosh did this take forever.But I think it will be worth it.Not having to weed as much.
Some pictures of some pots of flowers I put together this year.
Love the birdhouse planter simple but so pretty.
Last but not least a whiskey barrel water feature hubby put in for me.I love it.Sorry so heavy with pictures.I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.Until next time may the Lord bless and keeps you.

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  1. Good morning Judy. Your flower beds look nice. Isn't it a good feeling to have them done before hot weather? I have done all the planting I plan on doing. I planted the garden last weekend, but now I will need to water the tomato plants in between the rain. Temps are suppose to be in the 90's this weekend, I plan on staying inside and craft, too hot to be out.
    I hope you have a nice holiday weekend
    Country at heart