Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long Time No Blogging

If we took a vote of whom is the worst blogger I know I would win.
Not a prize I would like to have
.I know it has been forever and a Sunday since I have posted anythings.
I have no excuses no reasons why.
I have been just lazy and enjoying doing nothing this summer.
This summer has been the first summer in 29 years that I didn't have to do anything just what I would like to do.
Go where I or hubby would like,Eat when we would like,our time was our own.
And it has been a blast.
I have been reading all the great post by all the great bloggers I follow and everyone has been so busy.I so enjoy reading every ones blogs.They are so inspiring.
I have started a new project and that is redoing our masted bedroom.OH MY
It seems just when things are quieting down I find something new to do.Not trying to complain.
Our entire house house needs a redo and hubby is on board.We are trying to do most of the work ourselves to save us some money.But I will confess it is hard enjoyable but HARD,

I hope every one's summer so far has been great and that you have had and made many wonderful memories.
I will get better at this blogging.I hope

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