Monday, July 30, 2012

Have you ever had a splinter under your ?

Have you ever had a splinter under your finger nail?
 I do and it hurts, it hurts some kinda of awful.It just seems the under side of the finger nail is so, so tender.
I did this by scraping our wood work yes I was the first one to get hurt.
It is my middle finger and I have been favoring it so when people ask what happen... I have to be careful.When I try and show them what I did.
Things are moving along on our master bedroom.Not real progress but to be stripping the trim hubby says we are moving along in great time.
We have taken one window completely apart needs new glass, new glazing, new everything. I am stripping the wood and that has not been so bad.We are moving faster than I thought we would.Which is great.
From what I can see the trim only has 3 coats of paint which makes this process a little easier.We have been doing this for 2 days and things are going rather well.
I will be posting some pictures soon.
Hope you have a wonderful night,May the Good Lord Keep and Bless you

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