Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Saturday!! I am Stumped

Hi Everyone.I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday.I sure did.Got up early to start my day.It was a gray day not real warm not to bad.Cleaned up the house and then I had to do some work outside.
First cut the front yard.And then went out back.There has been a dogwood stump in the back of our yard for sometime.Some years back it was blown down in a storm but we had the every loving stump for sometime.So I thought I would try to see how much I could get out with my trusted ax.A lot of it was easy no I should not say easy but this is what I was able to do.
Before I took the ax to the stump it stuck out of the ground about 8" now it is below the ground.YEAH
Will fill in with dirt and bye bye stump.
Tonight I am gonna do some planning on some coupon deal.Watch some TV and take it easy.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps you.

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