Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday DIY Tipsy Planter Garden pictures

Good Saturday night to ya.Today was a great day to be outside.Got a lot done on the yard.I did go to some yard sales this morning.But I didn't find anything I NEEDED.It was even better because a lot of the sales I went to was so close to my house.Didn't waste a lot of gas traveling around.But hubby and I saw something in someone yard that the both of us like.And hubby said I can make that for you.But more on that later.

I did take picture of the garden they are pitiful due to the plants are so small it almost looks like you are looking at dirt.
But believe it or not you are looking at tomato plants and pepper plants barley can see them.
Also put in cukes,squash,cantaloupes.

Today I put together a tipsy planter I saw sometime ago on the web on someones blogs.I am sorry for not remembering  whose blog.It looked like such a fun project.I had to do it.
I had to go though my Terra cotta pots and find the ones that would work for me.I had my husband drive a metal rod about 18" into the ground.This was my base then I took the largest to the smallest pots and stacked them.Filled them with potting soil and plants.The plants I spent not much at all at Walmart and Lowe's.Two 6 cell packs from Walmart $1.78 and 3 plants at  98 cent a piece from walmart, and one asparagus fern $1.98 from walmart.

Okay back to what hubby and I saw.It was a birdhouse.We went to this one yard sale and the lady had numerous birdhouse that were not functional but cute.We both really like them.So my hubby came home and made this.
The wood was given to us from a neighbor and the roofs are old metal paint pans.This is the design he liked.He is going to build me the one I like soon.
This is it in one of my beds
Fits right in.That's all for me until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

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