Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Got my tomatoes today and put my garden in

Happy Tuesday.Well I was able to get my heirloom tomatoes today.I got 16 plants for $6.05 that's more of what I was thinking.I went to home depot and they had them in 4 packs instead of selling 4" and 6" plants.
I also went to our small town hardware store and got my peppers.They had 4 packs for $1.75 so all in all not bad.So I was able to put my tomato's and pepper in for well under $20.00.

So I headed home and got my garden planting basket caddy and spent the day in my garden.It was perfect.I bought this basket sometime ago and I thought I would use it for outside meals but I decided against it.So I turned it into my garden caddy all my tools and such right where I need them.
It comes in handy seed packs, scissors,twine,garden marked.Everything right where I need it.
It was a long day but a good one got a lot of work done before the rain.And was able to spend time doing something I love and also with my thought and my Lord.

I will take pictures of the garden tomorrow by the time I was done today the light made it look like everything was dirt.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

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