Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Monday to Ya

I hope your weekend was great.Our was a busy one.Was able to hit some yard sales I only was able to buy a garden shovel for $1.00.Not so bad tried to stay close to home due to the price of gas.

Saturday afternoon was weeding and trying to figure out how to rid my yard of this weed called Creeping Charlie.Any information about how to destroy this weed from my yard is greatly appreciated.
BBQ some chicken for dinner Saturday night such a pretty day.

Sunday went to Walgreen's picked up on the Dawn had coupons.The rest of the day we were in the yard enjoying the day.For the temperature to be this wonderful this early is rare for our area.So I have been taking and enjoying every moment I can.

Today we did the finally till on our garden.I thought I would go and buy my tomato plants and pepper plants,But a no go, went to Walmart they did have tomato plants $3.58 a piece.Went to Lowe's $3.48 a piece.Came home and called our locale greenhouse they said they were all out.Today is April 16th and they are all out WOW.We try to buy the heirloom tomato plants when ever possible.But if this is going to be the price then it will be a no go this year.
That's all for me now.Until next time I hope the Lord Keeps and Bless you.

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