Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat and My Week in Review

Good Friday the 13th.I hope you day was good.For me it was wonderful.This week flew by.It seems like it was just Monday.
This week started off by cleaning up after the Easter Holiday.And missing my children.My husband had a couple doctors appointment.One was almost 30 minutes away.That was a worth while trip.

Worked out in the yard planted some plants Holly Hocks and daisies and moved plants around.I have a long bed on the side of our garage.This bed has been like a holding bed a place I put extras.I finally moved the plants around and now it don't look so bad.

Filled the truck up today not to bad $38.00 it was $3.77 a gallon.We also have a Giant food and for every 100 points you get you can get 10 cents off.We only had 100 points.

Went and did out weekly food shop.Did not do as good as I would like spent $87.11.I did buy a couple extras at Giant they has steaks on sale so I bought a pack of 4.I also bought some extra meat from Food Lion.I will not have to buy it next week.

This weekend is going to be perfect in the 80s I hope maybe to hit some yard sales and work in my yard.Until next time may the Lord keep and bless you.

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