Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Pictures of My Craft Room

Good evening all I hope all has been great for you.It has been pretty quiet around here.Not to much goes on right after the holidays.Plus with the winter blahs you know having to stay in most of the time cause of the weather.
         So today I thought I would share some pictures of my craft room.I took the picture exactly how it was when I walked in no cleaning(which I know it needs it sooo bad).

 This first picture is standing at the entry the computer desk you see is where for right now I have my sewing machine and books with ideas I would like to try also some old scrapbooks.the desk was giving to us and I bought the sewing machine at a yard sale for $10.00 my husband many years ago bought me a new machine just like this one but the bobbin housing kept jumping and the stitch would be loose.So when I saw this at a yard sale I jumped on it works great.

.This picture is just to the right of the door my husband put the shelves up for me and this is where I store book scrapbook albums.Also my sizzix dies.My cricut carts.And much more I think you cant have enough shelves.

 The piece my husband bought me from a auction for $5.00 didn't look like this.My darlin fixed it up for me and I love it.Love all the drawers it hold so much.At the top is 2 skinny drawers which are very nice for small items like brads and buttons.

Love the little compartments.So much easier.

 This is a picture of my cricut expressions 2 I got for my 45th birthday I love love love it.I am still figuring it out.I think this will take me sometime.I have been going onto YouTube and different blogs to get as much information I can.

This desk here is where I scrapbook and rubber stamp.It is just right for me.It is big enough for scrapping and tools and much more.

This area is where i store my rubber stamps.You know most of the stamps you see here was bought at a thrift store.Most are stampin up stamps.Also has picture storage boxes and my Martha Stewart punches.

I hope you enjoyed some views of parts of my craft room.It is one of my favorite places in my home.There is more to the room but I thought the post was getting a little long.I hope in the future to share more with you.

Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and gives you many blessing.Judy


  1. About time mother. LOL. So glad you posted the pictures. Still love your room so much. One day I too will have a room so full of life and history. :-) Love you

  2. Wow, that is awesome! My favorite is that wonderful set of drawers with the little drawers on top. Perfect for all the little fun things! Goodness, I would never get anything done in your room... I would be too busy going through everything, lol. You have lots of stamps and punches! I only have about 30 sets and I have to dig through those to find what I need.

    I don't think I would leave this room very often, I would practically live in it, hehe! You are fortunate girl to have the space and have so much to choose from! Enjoy it~

  3. Judy, love all the storage ideas you have in your craft room. I have a small room with very little storage.
    I have stuff crammed in bins in the closet and have to dig the bins out when I need something. I would like more shelving or a book case to store everything at a glance. The chest is nice to have for storage.
    I guess I need to rearrange the furniture or get rid of some in my room and get more storage type bins or a chest so I can find everything.
    Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Country at heart