Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Master and Thrift store finds

Good evening I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.Been busy working on our master bedroom.Slow and steady wins the race is the phase I keep telling myself.We have ripped down all of the wallpaper.It came off a lot easier than I thought.We have horse hair plaster and we have had to put a skim coats of sheet rock 45.It does wonders,the job of ripping out the plaster was too much.And our walls were in pretty good shape.I still have the ceiling to do the hardest for me I hate working over my head.We did find a cute primitive ceiling light for our bedroom.Cant wait to hang it.I will be posting some pictures.
In the process of our bedroom make over I have been looking for oak dressers and they do have a pretty price on them.I have been to auctions and they have been going for $250.00 and up.I have check out on line classifieds no luck ,I have even looked on eBay some very pretty ones but the prices are out of my range.
Today I went to our local thrift store not even thinking I would find a oak dresser there but I did I found two.I could not believe it.
The only thing this dresser needs is a fresh coat of poly on the top and new old handles.
This dresser needs new old handles and a fresh coat of stain and poly.
Neither dresser had a price on them we had to find someone that worked there and we finally did,they were so busy.I asked her the price and she said for the large one $30.00 and for the one with no handles how about $20.00.I took them both.
A little work but that's okay didn't break the bank.I was a happy girl.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.

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