Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas at our house.....tree is up and Christmas has landed.

      We got the tree early Saturday morning.We were at the tree lot at 8:30 Saturday morning.The two children that were able to go and pick the tree had to work early so we were trying to get it in before work.
   We always go to the same Christmas tree lot it is a small place in Bethel Delaware called Jeff's Greenhouses.I remember going there, and our children being so small.I remember going to the tree lot and it taking us a hour to pick a tree.The candy cane faces and the singing on our way there so off tune.
   This Saturday morning was a cold one and due to it being later than most years when we got there it seemed to me and the family the picking was small.We looked and talked and laugh.And we finally found it .I think it was the biggest tree we have ever picked but my family thinks no.
   You see we live in a older home at we have 9 foot ceiling.And for as long as I have known my husband he has always thought the bigger the Christmas tree the better.He has raised our children to think the same thing.So when we go looking for Christmas trees it is the same every year the bigger the better.
   And I tell you no lie my family picked the second biggest tree on the lot.The biggest one was sold or....we would have had trouble.No just kidding .
Saturday night we were able to put our Christmas tree up and decorate our home.
Before  we put the tree up hubby had to cut the bottom.We trimmed the bottom to what we thought would have the tree to fit into the living room.But when we got it inside my son had to trim the top.It was bending over, it made me think of Christmas Vacation.My son trimmed it and we were able to decorate it.
   Here are some pictures of the tree and a couple decorations around the house.

I love Hallmark ornaments.Frosty Friends,Rocking horse,Noelville.And many more.

   This is a picture of a ladder I have aside the tree with 2 Anna Lee elves going up the tree with Christmas tree ornaments in there hands ready to decorate.
Way back in the day my husband and I was looking at a open private house and it was right around Christmas,When we went into this one home in Maryland they had a ladder like this and it always stuck with me.So when I was able to find the ladder and elves I had to get them.I have had them for sometime now.But I truly enjoy them.

   This is a display of our Santa's.The feather tree still is waiting for decorations.I have misplaced them.I hope to find them soon.

This is a display of our Snowmen in our living room.
Just a little Christmas around our house.I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Your tree is beautiful...9' ceilings are so nice to have.
    ~Merry Christmas~