Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Night Chit Chat week in review

Can't believe it is already Friday.For me this week worked in my yard and I can finally see a change.A change from winter drabs to springtime.Just finished the cleaning of it.I always have work in my yard fun work.This is my best time t thinks and to ponder the what's whens and who's.

Paid bills worked on budget.This is such a work in progress.But I know I will get there.
Have to remember slow and steady wins the race.

Also this week have been thinking on the areas of where I can save more money.Or should I say plug up some holes.The places I need to work on is food and gas for our truck

Today was food shop and I shopped the sales at out Giant and finished at Walmart I spent $88.45 that was pretty good for me.Today I shopped for the week and Easter dinner.My children will be coming home this weekend.Everyone but our daughter who lives in San Diego.So I felt pretty good over all with the amount.

Did a fill up on the truck can not believe the price of gas used my gas buddy app and paid $3.82 a gallon the total of the fill up was $40.00.I hope I can do it even cheaper next week.I don't think so my husband has a couple of doctors appointments coming up the one is kinda far away.But we shall see.

For me tonight I will be doing some cleaning trying to get ready for Easter.
Until next time I hope the Lord keeps and bless you.


  1. Good morning Judy. Yes, I think spring is finally here. Thinks are blooming up and I have already mowed the lawn last week. But it will need to be mowed again this weekend. I too have cut some things out with all the high prices of groceries and gas. I don't know what folks will do if gas keeps going up. We can only cut corners for so long.
    Hope you have a nice Easter with your family.
    Country at heart

  2. Hi Judy! I hope you are enjoying the new stage in your life of an empty nest. My husband and I went through the Dave Ramsey course twice. The first time we were just kinda messing around but the second time was the real thing through our church. We don't use the envelopes now (we should) but we learned so much and have paid off SO much debt in the 4-5 years since we took the course. Stick with it, you'll be glad you did!

    I've been working in my yard since February. There is much, much clean up to be done. But I'm like you, that is my time to think about things, talk to God. I don't have to worry about anyone bothering me because they are afraid I'll put them to work, lol. I enjoy my time working in the yard, even though some things are hard work!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with almost everyone back home.