Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Has Been Sometime but I am back

It has been sometime since I have posted on my blog.I have had some major family issues I had to take care of which needed my full attention.Things have gotten back to normal and my family is doing so much better.
So I know the last post was about organizing and I was and have organized my coupon binder.
The binder I was using I got from the Goodwill it was just a regular binder no pockets I bought it for 0.50 cents just starting out with the binder method for my coupons so I figured 50 cents not bad.
So after Christmas I was looking at my coupon binder just trying to figure how I can organize it any better.
I went through and pulled all the expired coupons got a little behind due to the holidays.
I went to Walmart and bought some really cheap dividers I mean cheap I think 5 for 85 cents I only bought 2 packs.So I am putting it all back together and I think this looks so so much better.
So the day after I get my binder all set up hubby and I stop into our local Goodwill and I buy this binder cause it has a zipper closer and a arm strap and dividers.I just love it it is called a Case it.I paid $3.00 Sorry for the bad bad pictures but the second one is to show the price. I thought not bad.It has a place for everything.I just love it.Until next time stay warm Judy

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